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Election of Dan Rosbjerg as Honorary President of IAHS

It is with great pleasure that IAHS announce the election of Dan Rosbjerg as Honorary President of IAHS. IAHS President Günter Blöschl provided the following address:

Dan Rosbjerg of the Technical University of Denmark, has not only made outstanding contributions to hydrology in areas such as flood estimation and groundwater modelling and management, but he has also contributed immensely to furthering the hydrological sciences through his activities within IAHS and other international organizations. He was president and vice president of the International Commission on Water Resources Systems (ICWRS) for many years. During 2007-2011 he was vice-president of IAHS. Altogether he served as an IAHS-officer for 24 years in succession which, perhaps, is a record, just as his attendance of 20 IAHS/IUGG meetings in a row. He was editor of 12 IAHS red books where he put a great effort in helping authors to upgrade their papers with respect to language and structure. Dan has also served as Danish delegate to the Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO and chaired the ad-hoc Governance Committee of IHP, through which he greatly facilitated the collaboration between IAHS and IHP. More recently he has been representing IAHS within the IUGG Commission on Climatic and Environmental Change (CCEC). He is therefore worthy of being elected as Honorary President of the IAHS. In this new role Dan Rosbjerg is once again in an excellent position to further advance the mission of IAHS.

Dan Rosbjerg accepted the position with the following response:

My first contact with IAHS was a paper in the Bulletin of the International Association of Scientific Hydrology in 1970, but it was after 1982 that my engagement with the Association really accelerated. By serving the Association and participating in numerous IAHS meetings, I also got invaluable inspiration from colleagues worldwide. Recently, it was a great privilege for me, together with John Rodda, to help the association by preparing the IAHS contribution to the IUGG centennial jubilee last year resulting in the HGSS paper on the IAHS history. The election as honorary president is much more than I could expect, and I am sincerely grateful for this additional opportunity to serve the Association.

A list of the Officers of IAHS can be found on the IAHS website.
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