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‘Cryosphere and Hydrology’ at Cryosphere 2020

IAHS is co-organizing a session at Cryosphere 2020: International Symposium On Ice, Snow And Water In A Warming World in September 21-24 2020 in Reykjavík, Iceland (https://www.cryosphere2020.is/).

As a result of global atmospheric and ocean warming, all components of Earth’s cryosphere are now changing at a dramatic pace. This symposium will bring together scientists and policy makers for a discussion on the latest results from studies of the entire cryosphere, which plays an important role in the hydrological cycle and the Earth System and is one of the most useful indicators of climate change. The symposium will allow ample time for panel discussions on scientific results, new technologies, research gaps and future perspectives in the light of the Paris Agreement that calls for limiting global warming to 1.5–2°C.

IAHS is inviting presentations and papers for the ‘Snow and ice as a water resource’ session (https://www.cryosphere2020.is/sessions/snow-cover-change-current-capabilities-future-needs) concerning the importance of snow and ice melt as a water resource for mountain region populations and for hydropower utilization; runoff changes due to atmospheric warming and monitoring of changes in lake and river ice. We are soliciting presentations on new and emerging methods and technologies related to observations and research; satellite monitoring, snow trackers and derived products; data integration, data archiving and exchange; studies of the socio-economic impacts of changing snow conditions on runoff and water supply, especially for mountain regions and for improved hydrological forecasting in cold regions; education, capacity building and international cooperation

Abstracts should be submitted through the IGS website (https://www.igsoc. org/abstracts/85a/). A link to the abstract submission page can be found on the conference website (https://www.cryosphere2020.is/). Deadline for submitting abstracts is nominally 15 April 2020, but please check the website for updates and contingency plans for COVID-19.

Registration is now open.

For updates on the symposium contact: cryosphere2020@vedur.is 

Info: Second Circular (PDF)
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