A Citizen Science project on hydrological data in Italy: SIREN (Saving Italian hydRological mEasuremeNts)

The availability of long and reliable time series of hydrological measurements is essential for hydrological analyses and research; however, these series are often fragmented and not easily accessible because parts of the measurements are still stored in printed volumes of the Hydrological Yearbooks. For this reason, Paola Mazzoglio (Politecnico  di Torino) and Miriam Bertola (TU Wien) have recently launched a citizen science project to digitize historical hydrological measurements in Italy. The project seeks to involve not only hydrologists but also ordinary people in the crowdsourcing of the data gathering and processing for advancing hydrological research, contributing to the transdisciplinary action of the IAHS CANDHY (Citizen AND HYdrology) Working Group. Anyone wishing to contribute, even with just 10 minutes of their time, can find an easy digitisation tool on the project website.

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