A significant impact EGU2024

We made a significant impact at EGU2024 this past April. Our presence was marked by fruitful engagements, successful sessions, and notable contributions.

Poster Sessions

Our poster sessions served as platforms for showcasing research and innovative methodologies. Attendees were impressed by the quality and relevance of the posters, sparking engaging conversations and knowledge exchange. The positive feedback received reaffirms our position at the forefront of research and development in hydrological sciences.

Digital Water Globe Representation

The Digital Water Globe received notable attention and recognition at EGU 2024. Attendees were captivated by the interactive demonstrations, illustrating the DWG's web-based software platform where IAHS members share Case studies, Personal profiles, IAHS references and links to data repositories that are linked to a geographical position on a global map as well as keywords for quick search using filter functions. 


One of the standout achievements was the resounding success of our 12 IAHS HELPING sessions. These sessions not only facilitated insightful discussions but also fostered collaborative efforts towards addressing the water solutions in the Anthropocene. Attendees commended the depth of knowledge shared and the practical solutions proposed, underscoring our commitment to underpin solutions for the water crisis, leaving no catchment or hydrologist behind. 

Attendees also discussed and exchanged procedures for implementing the HELPING Working Groups, and experiences on how to best collaborate. We invite you to explore and join the list of suggested Themes and 25 HELPING Working Groups. We are thrilled to announce that the call for suggesting new Working Groups for the HELPING Scientific Decade has been reopened! This presents a unique opportunity to contribute and suggest new topics, if certain topics are missing or not yet included such as capacity development and training as a cross cutting group, and the introduction of AI. We look forward to receiving your valuable suggestions. Please sign up here

In summary, our participation in EGU 2024 was marked by exemplary contributions, successful sessions, and effective representation. We look forward to building on this momentum.

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