Advances in hydrological science in Latin America - call for papers

Latin America is home to unique hydrological systems with some of the largest river basins in the world. The combination of diverse climates, biomes and ecosystems with rapidly growing human footprints caused by urbanization, population growth and land use changes, makes it necessary and urgent to explore hydrological knowledge at the interface of science, policy and practice in water resources. The Advances in Hydrological Sciences in Latin America Special Issue will shed light on the distinctive hydrological features of Latin America, especially the complex challenges and opportunities for sustainable water management in the region. This Special Issue is an outcome of the recent Unsolved Problems in Hydrology Latin America initiative, and it is aligned with our IAHS Science for Solutions Decade HELPING, as we welcome contributions that:

(1) investigate interactions of water resources across different spatial scales,

(2) provide holistic solutions for water security,

(3) engage with hydrological knowledge co-creation.

Special Issue contributions are sought that present, but are not limited to:

  • Urban hydrology: Investigating the effects of urbanization on hydrological processes, stormwater management, groundwater issues and climate resilience in urban water systems.
  • Hydrology of unique ecosystems: Studying interactions in tropical, high-altitude, arid and coastal ecosystems, including the impacts of deforestation and land-use changes.
  • Cross-Border Water Challenges: Offering comparative analyses of water availability, quality and socio-economic impacts on water management across borders.
  • Hydrological indices and their application: Evaluating various hydrological and ecological indices to assess drought, floods, water scarcity and ecosystem health.
  • Scaling issues: Studies at the bridge between the local and regional scales that enhance understanding of the hydrological processes and changes occurring in the region.
  • Water management tools to support development: Addressing challenges and innovations in water resource management and quality control.

Abstract deadline: 20 July 2024
Manuscript deadline: 31 December 2024

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