Call for abstracts for Bridging the Gap Between Water Science and Solutions

IAHS and the Brazilian Association of Water Resources (ABRHidro) invite researchers to submit abstracts for presentation at a joint meeting on water resources systems and statistical hydrology, which combines three events:

The 9th International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM),
The 14th International Workshop on Statistical Hydrology (STAHY),
The 1st Brazilian Meeting on Statistical Hydrology (EBHE).

The meeting will take place in Florianópolis, Brazil, from 4-7 November 2024.

This joint meeting brings together the experts – academics and practitioners – and young scientists alike for vibrant scientific discussions and debates. We strongly suggest participants to think of how their contributions to the meeting relate to the Themes, Goals and Working Groups of the current IAHS Scientific Decade IAHS initiative for 2023-2032: Science for Solutions: Hydrology Engaging Local People IN one Global world (HELPING). Using the HELPING rationale as the background of our discussions will possibly induce the start and accelerate the development of activities that are already in place in many of the HELPING Working Groups.

We welcome contributions dealing with the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Integrated water resources management,
  • Characterization and prediction of hydrometeorological extremes,
  • Forecast and optimization of water resources systems,
  • Water resources in a connected world.

The 9th IWRM will bring relevant contributions to the scientific community by making it possible to advance in finding solutions to the main water challenges faced by society. The 14th STAHY will focus on statistical methods for hydrological applications, a branch of hydrology with a long history and an exciting field of research. Last but not least, the 1st EBHE brings contributions to advance the maturity of the topic in Brazil by bridging research efforts from different existing groups.

The conference is eligible for SYSTA travel awards (Sivapalan Young Scientists Travel Award). An abstract must already be submitted to be considered for the award.

Important dates:

31 May – Abstract submission deadline.

31 May – SYSTA Travel Grant Application deadline.

Date coming soon – Early bird registration deadline.

Date coming soon – Registration deadline for presenting authors.

Date coming soon – Registration deadline for all participants.

4-7 Nov – Conference dates.

Full information can on the conference website https://www.abrhidro.org.br/iebhe/ 

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