Deltas: Landforms, Ecosystems and Human Activity

Gothenburg symposium HP1, focused on deltas, was very successful, comprising 7 invited keynote papers, 15 full papers and 6 poster papers. The set of papers within the published volume (IAHS Publ. 358) provides overviews on delta processes and covers almost all types of delta environments, mostly marine, but also inland deltas.

The scene is set with an overview paper on the “Delta Decadal Initiative: A framework of actionable research towards delta sustainability” followed by papers on changing fluvial sediment inputs and on the general theory of delta formation and evolution. A series of papers on the human influences on and uses of deltas, and on their geomorphology and ecosystem characteristics follows. The special conditions of Arctic deltas and both inland and marine deltas within the Niger River basin round out the volume.

Gordon Young, symposium co-convener

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