IAHS 2017 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

This year the traditional IAHS Frisbee game was held on a sandy Port Elizabeth beach. The game opposed the stationary ungauged hydrologists (SUHs) to the nonstationary gauged hydrologists (SGHs), being a perfect mix of the two PUB (SUHs team) and Panta Rhei (SGHs team) decades’ researchers.

The first ten minutes of the game were heavily disputed between the two teams. Some time was indeed necessary to adapt to the unusual sandy and windy terrain conditions, as well as to the salty water. The SGHs team fast developed a stochastic model that could adapt to the wind gusts, as well as to the drop of wind, to dry and wet sandy land use, and to the rising Indian Ocean tide and even to waves. They consequently scored first, taking advantage of the changing conditions, which they are used to. This resulted into a fast growing score, up to 6-0 for SGHs.

Over confident with their score advantage, the Panta Rhei SHGs team decided that they had to also take advantage of their moto: “Everything flows”, which in that case was adapted to “Everything floats”. For this reason, they decided to throw the Frisbee into the ocean. To their surprise, Frisbees do not float very well and the one they threw disappeared, so the players had to use a new one.

The SUHs team, oppositely to the over-calibrated SGHs team, did not need calibration for this new Frisbee, so they began to score their first points: 6-2. However, the original Frisbee reappeared from the water and with this well-known Frisbee, the score went fast to 11-2 for the SGHs team.

It was time for the golden Frisbee, i.e. the last point that would decide upon the winners of the game. Again, the SUHs did not need calibration for this new rule and they scored fast, putting an end to this pleasant game, with a score of 11-3.

We are all waiting forward for a new game in Montréal in 2019.
G. Thirel

Thanks to all of the players of the Frisbee game (not all of them are on the picture): Samuel Monhard, Berny Bisselink, Giuliano di Baldassare, Alberto Viglione, Gil Mahé, Giuseppe Formetta, Shuya Liu, Tao Chen, Weifei Zheng, Wenpeng Wang, Valérie Borrell-Estumina, Sandra van Exter, David Milan, Corinna Abesser, Johan Strömqvist, Omen, Remko Nijzink and Guillaume Thirel.

More photos are available on the IAHS facebook page.

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