International Workshop on Hydrological Knowledge Innovation and its Practices in Developing Countries

At this international workshop in Shenzhen & Wuhan, China, IAHS was represented by Hubert Savenije (President of IAHS), Christophe Cudennec (Secretary General of IAHS) and Xia Jun (Honorary Vice President of IAHS). Shenzhen Declaration

The workshop aims to bring together scientists from worldwide (in particular from developing countries) and various disciplines that share a common interest in addressing the challenges of understanding and managing the hydrological systems knowledge. The four main objectives for this workshop:

  • Understand major water challenges in coupled nature-human systems;
  • Demonstrate current hydrological knowledge of models, tools and case studies to deal with water problems;
  • Identify demand for hydrological innovation to meet the grand water challenges in different regions;
  • Develop a multi-national and multi-disciplinary cooperation framework and statement  to provide capacity building, monitoring equipment, remote sensing techniques, and free software packages for developing countries, and to expand Panta Rhei as well as IAHS through establishing national committees and regional networks and increasing members in these counties.

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