Prevention and mitigation of natural and anthropogenic hazards due to land subsidence

The peer-reviewed papers in this volume were presented at the Ninth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (NISOLS) 15–19 November 2015 in Nagoya, Japan. The volume is available open access as PIAHS Volume 372.

An awareness of problems related to land subsidence and its anthropogenic causes has been growing worldwide since the second half of the Twentieth century.
The problem of land subsidence was first included by the UNESCO program of the International Hydrological Decade (IHD), 1965–74, and later in the International Hydrological Program (IHP).
Land subsidence has become an important area of research in Japan, other countries of South East Asia and globally.
The proceedings of the NISOLS represents a body of high quality and globally relevant scientific and technical information for scientists, engineers, and other stakeholders concerned about land subsidence and the associated hazards.

Principal topics

Aquifer-system compaction and subsidence caused by groundwater withdrawal
Risk management of subsidence related hazards
Anthropogenic land subsidence in coastal regions
Land subsidence and liquefaction, due to East Japan Great Earthquake of March 11, 2011
Ground failure (fracturing, fault activation, fissuring)
Land surface displacement, measuring and monitoring
Numerical Modelling
Social, cultural and economic influence of land subsidence
Water management strategies

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