Red Books in press - 365 and 367

Red Books in press – Available from IAHS in December 2014.

IAHS Publ. 365
Complex Interfaces Under Change: Sea – River – Groundwater – Lake
C. Cudennec, et al.
Selected papers from two symposia titled: Land–Ocean Interaction – Hydrodynamics and Biogeochemistry, and Implications of Sea Level Change for the Coastal Zone held at the IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI meeting in Gothenburg last year.

IAHS Publ. 367
Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea
X. Jun Xu, et al.
The pre-published proceedings of ICCE2014 which takes place in New Orleans, 11–13 December this year. The volume reports the latest research progress on topics from hillslope and channel erosion to riverine sediment transport, sediment-associated contamination and pollution, and sediment dynamics in coastal systems.

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