STAHY 2018 Spring School

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in STAHY-2018 in Adelaide Australia.

As noted on the website, we are planning to hold a Spring School in association with the STAHY workshop.

We plan for the Spring School to take place over 2 days, on the campus of the University of Adelaide (in the Adelaide city centre). The following broad themes will be covered:
Day 1 - Model development and calibration in hydrology
Day 2 - Uncertainty estimation in hydrological modelling

The lectures will be delivered in an informal settings to encourage interaction and discussion, and will be delivered by Mark Thyer, David McInerney and Dmitri Kavetski. 

The technical level will best suit research students (Masters and PhDs), as well as industry colleagues interested in research approaches.

In order to better understand person’s availability / level of interest, and help us optimise the schedule, could you please indicate your broad availability using the following Doodle poll https://doodle.com/poll/vb3crc9dtvxakt4k

Note that the Spring School will have a fee of AUD 100 in order to cover the basic running costs. This fee is separate from the STAHY registration fee, which covers the 3 STAHY workshop days (24-26 Sept).

For more information, or to keep up to date with STAHY 2018, visit https://www.stahy2018.org/

Kind regards,
Dmitri Kavetski and Mark Thyer,
on behalf of the local organising committee

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