Whitepaper: 5 KEY Elements of Hydrological Monitoring

Written for water resource managers, the whitepaper “5 Essential Elements of a Hydrological Monitoring Program” presents the latest industry standards and best practices for improving the availability, reliability, and accuracy of data for today's water monitoring programs.

1.     Quality Management System – read the latest international industry standards from the USGS, ISO, and WMO to improve your QMS.

2.     Network Design - get tips to optimize the design of your network to meet your monitoring objectives and account for the complexity of your watershed.

3.     Technology - consider new strategies for selecting technologies that can maximize your information-to-cost ratio over the lifespan of your devices.

4.     Training - discover how training can help minimize procedural blunders resulting from errors in data collection and data handling.

5.     Data Management - learn how modern systems help automate quality controls, build better rating curves, and publish defensible hydrological data.

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About the Author: Stu Hamilton was a senior hydrometric technologist with Water Survey Canada for nearly 30 years and managed the operations of 500+  monitoring stations. He is an expert volunteer with WMO, ISO, NASH, and OGC. Stu is Senior Hydrologist at Aquatic Informatics – which provides the leading software suite to acquire, process, model, and publish water data.

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This is not an endorsement of the Whitepaper or the AQUARIUS water data management system.

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