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Hydrological Sciences Journal (HSJ) is the official Journal of the IAHS and provides a forum for original papers and for the exchange of information and views on significant developments in hydrology worldwide. It is published by Taylor & Francis and available online and in print format. Volume 61 (2016) consists of 16 issues.

The scope of the journal includes:

  • the hydrological cycle on the Earth
  • surface water, groundwater, snow and ice, in all their physical, chemical and biological processes, their interrelationships, and their relationships to geographical factors, atmospheric processes and climate, and Earth processes including erosion and sedimentation
  • hydrological extremes and their impact
  • measurement, mathematical representation and computational aspects of hydrological processes
  • hydrological aspects of the use and management of water resources and their change under the influence of human activity
  • water resources systems, including the planning, engineering, management and economic aspects of applied hydrology

The co-editors of Hydrological Science Journal generally select one paper per issue to highlight as a Featured Article to be available on a free-to-view basis for a limited period. The co-editors aim to select the most innovative papers with exciting science. Tison award papers are also available free-to-view.

Online access to papers in the two most recent volumes of HSJ is by library/personal subscription; all earlier volumes are available open access. The latest articles including accepted author versions are published online prior to being assigned to an issue and may be cited using the doi.

In July 2016 we announced the continued rise in Impact Factor for HSJ. For 2014, the Impact Factor is 1.549 with a 5-Year Impact Factor of 1.864 (©2015 Thomson Reuters, 2014 Journal Citation Reports®). For 2015 Impact Factor is 2.182  with a 5-Year Impact Factor of 2.156.


The editors welcome original articles, scientific notes, opinion papers, technical notes and discussions. All papers submitted to HSJ are peer reviewed. Submissions should be made online via ScholarOne Manuscripts. New users should first create an account. Once logged on to the site submissions should be made via the Author Centre. Authors are advised to follow the Instructions for authors before submitting a manuscript.


A preferential subscription rate (online/online+print - go to HSJLink to order) is available to IAHS Members for personal use. IAHS members in the poorest countries receive free online subscriptions.
Member subscriptions are accessed using your personal log in at HSJLink in the IAHS membership area. IAHS membership is free of charge.


The number of Co-editors of HSJ was further increased at the IAHS Bureau meeting following the Kovacs Colloquium in June 2016. Hubert Savenije, President of IAHS announced the appointment of Ross Woods and this was confirmed by the Bureau.

Mike Acreman

Demetris Koutsoyiannis

Mike Acreman  

Attilio Castellarin

Ross Woods 


Associate Editors Appointed

Gabriele Chiogna (Germany), Felipe de Barros (USA), Mike Hutchins (UK), Andreas Langousis (Greece), Mikolaj Piniewski (Poland), Prashant, Srivastava (India), Flavia Tauro (Italy), Anne van Loon (UK)


Fi-John Chang (Taiwan, Republic of China), Thomas R. Kjeldsen (UK), Heidi Kreibich (Germany), Ian Overton (Australia), Gwyn Rees (UK), Ronald van Nooijen (The Netherlands)


Xing Fang (USA), Robert Hirsch (USA), Shaochun Huang (Germany), Nesa Ilich (Canada), Ashu Jain (India), Guillaume Thirel (France), Elena Volpi (Italy)


Benjamin Dewals (Belgium), Giuliano Di Baldassarre (The Netherlands), Andreas Efstratiadis (Greece), *Emna Gargouri-Ellouze (Tunisia), *Florian Pappenberger (UK), Laurent Ruiz (France),  *Elena Toth (Italy), *James Ward (Australia), Steven Weijs (Switzerland), Julian R. Thompson (UK)



Aldo Fiori (Italy), Yeboah Gyasi-Agyei (Australia), Shinjiro Kanae (Japan), Tomasz Okruszko (Poland), Evangelos Rozos (Greece), Niko Verhoest (Belgium), Alberto Viglione (Austria)



**Michael Acreman (UK), Xi Chen (China), Dolores Fidelibus (Italy), Christian Leduc (France), Harry Lins (USA), Charles Perrin (France), *Bénina Touaibia (Algeria), Qiang Zhang (China)



The policy of
Hydrological Sciences Journal, as agreed by the IAHS Bureau (General Assemblies of Baltimore, 1989, Perugia, 2007, and Gothenburg, 2013), is that the term of appointment of Associate Editors should be limited to a period of three years, renewable to six years, with new Associate Editors being invited to serve each year as existing ones retire from the panel. The number of Associate Editors should increase by one each year until there are 42 in total (in 2019).

The date appointed is given after each entry.
* Now retired 
**Michael Acreman is now a co-editor of HSJ

Former Editor

Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz 

Address by Demetris Koutsoyiannis


Former Associate Editors

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