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Panta Rhei event at AGU

H044: Hydrological Change and Water Systems: Feedbacks, Prediction, and Experimental Management

A featured session will be held during the next AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (9-13 December 2013). It will be the first official event organised under the umbrella of Panta Rhei, the IAHS Scientific Decade 2013-2022

The challenges in understanding, predicting and managing water systems that are increasingly impacted by humans motivated IAHS to dedicate the scientific decade 2013-2022 to the topic of Change in hydrology and Society, by launching the "Panta Rhei" research initiative. This session focuses on hydrological changes and management of water systems which provide societal services that may include hydropower, flood control, and water supply. Special focus will be on biophysical impacts of daily hydropeaking; large-scale flow experiments for investigating dam management alternatives; and modelling and implementation of environmental flows for mitigating impacts.

Section/Focus Group: Hydrology (H)

Conveners: Theodore Melis - US Geological Survey; Alberto Montanari - University of Bologna; Maria Cristina Bruno - Fondazione; Edmund Mach - Research and Innovation Centre; Murugesu Sivapalan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The deadline for abstract submission is 6 August 2013  

Please take the opportunity to submit your results that are relevant to Panta Rhei! 

Alberto MontanariChair of Panta Rhei 2013-2015

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