Five new titles from IAHS - the Gothenburg books

The following titles resulting from the Knowledge for the Future Assembly, 22-26 July 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden are now available from the IAHS Bookshop.

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A Survey on Water Safety Plans by WHO

What is the survey objective?
The primary objective of this survey, led by World Health Organization (WHO), is to achieve a better understanding of the global and regional progress of risk assessment and risk management approaches applied in drinking water supplies. In the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality, such approaches are known as Water Safety Plans (WSPs). Throughout the survey, the term WSP is used; however, the survey also seeks information on equivalent approaches that may be named differently. The survey has been designed to collect important information on WSP implementation and related benefits and challenges in order to inform and strengthen future WSP support, guidance and advocacy.

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The Great Frisbee Challenge of 2013

As is now a tradition at IAHS meetings, a Frisbee game was organized at the Gothenburg Joint Assembly. Considering the book "Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins" had just been published and officially presented with great pomp and ceremony, some IAHS members suggested that the co-authors should also demonstrate their skills on the Frisbee field. However, there were 130 co-authors and it proved difficult to accommodate all of them on the Frisbee lawn!

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International Hydrology Prize, Tison and other awards

International Hydrology Prize, Tison Award and other awards

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Old and new IAHS Decades, PUB / Panta Rhei

A review of the PUB decade (2003-2012):  A decade of Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB)A review by Markus Hrachowitz et al.

and a summary of the Science Plan of the new decade, Panta Rhei, its targets, research questions and expected outcomes: "Panta Rhei—Everything Flows”: Change in hydrology and society—The IAHS Scientific Decade 2013–2022 by Alberto Montanari et al

are now free to view in Hydrological Sciences Journal  58(6).


Call for Abstracts - International Symposium on Erosion and Sediment Transport, December 2014

Location:       New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Dates:  11–14 December 2014 (AGU Fall Meeting 2014 immediately follows )
Abstract Deadline:  10 October 2013 

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Panta Rhei event at AGU

H044: Hydrological Change and Water Systems: Feedbacks, Prediction, and Experimental Management

A featured session will be held during the next AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (9-13 December 2013). It will be the first official event organised under the umbrella of Panta Rhei, the IAHS Scientific Decade 2013-2022

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IAHS Launches its New Website

The new IAHS website has been designed to incorporate the information that was available on the original one and more,  to be user-friendly and to provide greater functionality behind the scenes allowing different administrators to have access to specific parts of the site. Bringing the enormous archive of IAHS publications and other documents that Pierre Hubert, former IAHS Secretary-General, organised at the original site across to this new one has been a major task.  

The web site is still under development but we hope that you will like this new site and readily locate all you require on it. If something is missing, or if you find a glitch, please let [email protected] know. 

Global Data for Global Science

The new ICSU World Data System

With IUGG and IAHS both founding Members (Partner and Associate, respectively) of the recently established ICSU World Data System (ICSU-WDS), we would like to take this opportunity to introduce IAHS members to the rationale and strategies behind this new conceptual framework.   

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