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Subscription for Hydrological Sciences Journal for 2017

The annual subscription is now due for Volume 62 (2017) of HSJ.  Volume 62 remains at 16 issues but we have managed to keep the subscription rate the same as in 2014. Volume 62 will contain a special series of invited opinion papers directly linked to the IAHS "Panta Rhei" initiative has also been launched in HSJ, coordinated by associate editor Heidi Kreibich.

The results from the first Panta Rhei Biennium are published in the HSJ in a free access paper entitled 'Panta Rhei 2013-2015: Global perspectives on hydrology, society and change'.

The Panta Rhei virtual series includes the following free access papers: 'Adaptation of water resources systems to changing society and environment: a statement by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences' and'Scientific debate of Panta Rhei research – how to advance our knowledge of changes in hydrology and society?’.
In July 2016 we announced the continued rise in Impact Factor for HSJ. The 2015 Impact Factor is 2.182 with a 5-Year Impact Factor of 2.156 (©2015 Thomson Reuters, 2014 Journal Citation Reports®).

The number of Co-editors of HSJ was increased to four at the IAHS Bureau meeting following the Kovacs Colloquium in June 2016. Ross Woods joins Demetris Koutsoyiannis, Mike Acreman and Attilio Castellarin.

Special journal subscription rates are available to IAHS Members: £27.00 for a personal online subscription, and £48.00 for a personal online + print subscription (£32.40 and £53.40, respectively for EU members, inclusive of VAT).

You can renew your membership online via the IAHS website at https://iahs.info/Members-Area/hsj-link.do  or contact the IAHS office via phone +44 1491 692515, fax +44 1491 692448 or email info@iahs.co.uk.

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