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IAHS Digital Platform Innovation Call

As a worldwide learned society IAHS has always facilitated collective epistemological progress, knowledge capitalization and scientific dialogue, through the mechanisms of networking, sharing and debating on emerging topics and through agenda-setting initiatives. In line with our parent bodies IUGG and ISC (formerly ICSU), IAHS has always been proactive in bridging divides and defending values, which are now reframed in the Open Science principles *.

The demographics and practices of the community are changing, the digital revolution is accelerating, and the current pandemic induces both constraints and innovations.

To reinforce IAHS’s values - for the community and fed by the community - we are inviting ideas for the Association’s digital acceleration. To coincide with its centenary, IAHS wishes to implement a web platform and software system to effectively link and display global hydrological knowledge and scientific findings, and to facilitate new networking and knowledge management.

Systems could involve existing and/or new products and could potentially address some of the following requirements:

1.    Graphic display of hydrological case studies from each continent, with community input

2.    Overview of ongoing hydrological activities and scientific achievements 

3.    Opportunity for data sharing

4.    Ability to link groups and foster scientific collaboration

5.    Internal community building within and between IAHS Commissions and Working Groups

6.    Engagement of and with partners, stakeholders and citizens

7.    Framework for displaying and linking projects involved in the Panta Rhei and Unsolved Problems in Hydrology (UPH) initiatives

8.    Evolution and innovation over time to provide an on-going platform and archive

To enable the Association to brainstorm ideas for this community-led strategic shift, submit your outline suggestions and aspirations by June 15th 2021 by email to info@iahs.co.uk  

* See the actual intergovernmental process on Open Science, coordinated by UNESCO, to which we contribute via ISC, https://en.unesco.org/science-sustainable-future/open-science 

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