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Dear IAHS member,

The IAHS Panta Rhei Working Group is producing a series of opinion papers in Hydrological Sciences Journal. For the paper  "The role of experimental research in hydrological sciences - current state, challenges, needs and potentials" we decided to do something different. Instead of the opinion paper reflecting the authors' opinion we want it to reflect how the community feels about this topic.

We would like to hear your opinions, independent of whether you are a modeller, data miner or experimentalist.  It would be great if you could take 10 minutes to complete the survey we prepared.  You can find it here:  https://www.soscisurvey.de/hydrology/ 
(Do it right now - don't put it off... the survey is only open until March 24th.)

And please - pass this link on to anybody who might be interested!

Thank you very much for your help,
Theresa Blume, Ilja van Meerveld, Markus Weiler

Panta Rhei 2013-2015: Global perspectives on hydrology, society and change


The Panta Rhei science leaders and all of the working group leaders have prepared a paper describing science progress during the first biennium:

Panta Rhei 2013-2015: Global perspectives on hydrology, society and change

This paper covers diverse topics from hydrological models, data and predictability in the Anthropocene; descriptions and study of the human – water system; water governance and water scarcity; societal impacts on floods and droughts. It gives an overview of all the great work being done by the working groups, and offers opportunities to see similarities and conflicts between different points of view, and open up new dialogues.

This paper is now available free access as the Accepted Author Version DOI:10.1080/02626667.2016.1159308.

For news and more information about the current Panta Rhei Biennium see our website.

7th IWRM Bochum IAHS conference

The spatial dimensions of water management – Redistribution of benefits and risks. 

Bochum, May 18th to 20th , 2016.

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
Institute of Hydrology, Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering.

This meeting, as part of the series of IWRM conferences organised by ICWRS, focuses on spatial aspects of water management. Since water is unevenly distributed in space and time, its storage and redistribution is a fundamental task of water management.

The spatial aspects, which will be discussed during this meeting are extensive. The main topics of the presentations are:

1.       Spatial aspects of water supply and the redistribution of benefits from water

2.       Floods and spatial aspects of flood risks

3.       Spatial dimensions of water scarcity

4.       Scale problems of water management if the summation of individual measures becomes a problem

5.       Hydrological regionalisation issues

6.       The spatial dimension in socio-hydrology

Conference Flyer 

Conference proceedings will be published in PIAHS.

The registration fee is 380 €  Registration is open until 11th May 2016.

Further information is available from http://iahs-rub.hydrology.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/ 

Hydrological Sciences Journal Subscription

Co-Editors:  Demetris Koutsoyiannis, Mike Acreman & Attilio Castellarin

The annual subscription is now due for Volume 61 (2016) of HSJ.  Volume 61 has increased in size from 12 issues to 16 but the subscription rate remains the same as in 2014. Volume 61 will contain two special issues/sections: Hydrology and Peace in the Middle East (invited; K. Aggestam and R. Berndtsson) and Facets of Uncertainty (Kos October 2013; A. Carsteanu, E. Eris, S. Weijs and E. Volpi).  A special series of invited opinion papers directly linked to the IAHS "Panta Rhei" initiative has also been launched in HSJ, coordinated by associate editor Heidi Kreibich.

Hydrological Sciences Journal provides a forum for original papers and discussion of significant developments in hydrological science and practice, and related disciplines. In July 2015 we announced the continued rise in Impact Factor (IF) for HSJ: 1.549 for 2014  with a 5-Year IF of 1.864 (©2015 Thomson Reuters, 2014 Journal Citation Reports®).


Special journal subscription rates are available to IAHS Members: £27.00 for a personal online subscription, and £48.00 for a personal online + print subscription (£32.40 and £53.40, respectively for EU members, inclusive of VAT). IAHS members in the poorest countries receive free online subscriptions.

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