Obituary Mervyn Peart

It is with great sadness that we report the unexpected passing of Mervyn Peart on September 15th 2023 at his home in Scotland, two weeks short of his 69th birthday. Mervyn will be known to many longer-term ICCE members, since he was a regular participant in ICCE Symposia and Workshops over a period of nearly 30 years extending from the mid-1980s (Albuquerque, USA) through to 2012 (Banff, Canada and Chengdu, China). As such he must rank as one of the most prolific ICCE members in attending its meetings and contributing papers to the associated ‘Red Books’.

Please see the IAHS website for the full obituary written by Des Walling and Lincoln Fok and link to the memoriam website link

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