The MOXXI Working Group has the task to “promote the advancement of novel observational techniques that leads to new sources of information to help better understand the hydrological cycle”, as set by the IAHS. The MOXXI Working Group will provide a friendly place to share, collect, promote, discuss, test, and improve observational techniques.

Progress in computer science and technology is enhancing our ability to create innovative hydrological monitoring systems. The swift expansion of this domain necessitates concerted endeavors to synchronize the multifaceted initiatives and research endeavors that are significantly amplifying our capabilities within this context. MOXXI aims to centralize and align the latest progress achieved in this realm to foster and propagate the cutting-edge developments in the field of hydrological observations.

The focus of this Working Group (WG) is to connect those working on observational techniques in hydrology to share their experiences. To achieve this, the WG is currently developing the following tasks:

  • Establishing a dedicated website to serve as a comprehensive repository, unifying essential publications and online resources pertinent to hydrology observations and observational techniques. The preliminary list of selected publication is available on Zotero.
  • Send out regular information bulletins to interested hydrologist to update them on new developments relating to observational techniques. 
  • Organise topical conferences, meetings, and schools on novel observational techniques in hydrology. These meetings will include live demonstrations, hands-on workshops, as well as keynote speakers from outside of hydrology to introduce new observational techniques and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations.
  • Sponsor, encourage and co-ordinate the organisation of scientific sessions on observational techniques in hydrology at major geo-scientific conferences (such as the IAHS events, the EGU general assembly and the AGU fall meeting).

If you are interested in being involved in MOXXI's initiatives and activities you can REGISTER or UPDATE your INFO.

For any other request, feel free to contact the MOXXI Chair: Salvatore Manfreda

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