The Panta Rhei Research Themes

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The Panta Rhei Research Themes
Last update: March 2, 2014

The research activity of Panta Rhei is structured in Research Themes that will refer to the targets of Panta Rhei. Research themes provide a synthesis of the detailed goals of Panta Rhei, according to the scientific basis provided by the Science Plan (Targets and Research Questions). Research themes refer to a broad topic that can be potentially addressed by several working groups which are expected to focus on specific aspects of the theme. It is expected that working groups may cooperate within research theme by organising joint activities (workshops, conference sessions, etc).
The list of Research Themes follows here below, along with the name of the proposer.

Transdisciplinarity - Proposer: Tobias Krueger - Proposal
Mountain hydrology - Proposer: Shreedhar Maskey - Proposal
Large scale water projects and society - Proposer: Bellie Sivakumar - Proposal
Physics of changes - Proposer: Alexander Gelfan - Proposal
Water footprint assessment - Proposer: Saket Pande - Proposal
Water and energy fluxes in a changing environment - Proposer: Maria J. Polo - Proposal
Epistemic uncertainties - Proposer: Paul Smith - Proposal
Hydro-meteorological extremes: Decision making in an uncertain environment - Proposer: Adrián Pedrozo Acuña - Proposal
Global Change in Hydrology and Society - Proposer: Jos Timmermans - Proposal
Reservoirs impact - Proposer: Aleksandr Tskhai - Proposal
Water scarcity assessment - Proposer: Junguo Liu - Proposal


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