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UrbanRain15, 1-5 December in Pontresina, Switzerland

10th International Workshop on Precipitation in Urban Areas


Extreme weather, and especially heavy rain, has a major impact on urban populations and landscapes. Urban flooding and the damage to infrastructure and society are problems in both developing and developed countries. Key challenges in urbanized areas are to provide good quality detailed weather forecasts, to accurately measure high resolution space-time precipitation fields, to be able to predict impacts on urban systems and their vulnerability, evaluate flood risk and potential practical counter-measures. Similar challenges apply to the effects of rainfall in natural landscapes, the triggering of landslides, debris flows, and other natural hazards. Climate change provides an additional uncertainty to deal with when analyzing potential impacts of heavy rainfall in the future.

Abstract submission deadline is now 15 May 2015.
Sport Hotel, Pontresina, Switzerland, 1-5 December 2015.

Website: http://www.ifu.ethz.ch/urbanrain

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