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Hydrological Sciences and Water Security: IAHS Publ. 366, now available

Hydrological Sciences and Water Security: Past, Present and Future.

IAHS Publ. 366 (April 2015) ISBN 978-1-907161-44-5, 202 + x pp. Price £60.00.

Available both online open access as PIAHS vol. 366, and to purchase as a Red Book, vol. 366

Water Security is “the capacity of a population to safeguard access to adequate quantities of water of acceptable quality for sustaining human and ecosystem health on a watershed basis, and to ensure efficient protection of life and property against water related hazards – floods, landslides, land subsidence and droughts” (UNESCO-IHP 2012). 

The contributions arise from the 2014 Kovacs Colloquium held at UNESCO in Paris, which addressed the emergence and development of water security concepts. The invited keynote papers are accompanied by extended abstracts summarizing the posters presented.

Print copies of the volume are available to purchase from IAHS (info@iahs.co.uk) or via the bookshop. Abstracts and papers are also available online open access as PIAHS vol. 366.  

Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (PIAHS) is a collaboration between IAHS and Copernicus.org. Also available on PIAHS:

Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea - PIAHS Vol. 367.

Complex Interfaces Under Change: Sea – River – Groundwater – Lake: PIAHS Vol. 365.

The proceedings of ICWRS2014, Evolving Water Resources Systems: Predicting and Managing Water–Society Interactions - PIAHS Vol. 364.


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