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IAHS at IUGG 2015 Prague Assembly

IUGG 2015 is fast approaching (June 22nd - July 2nd). IAHS will have a presence on the IUGG booth so please come along to meet us and buy a ticket for the IAHS dinner on Friday 26th June (limited availability).

During the IUGG General Assembly elections will take place for officers of IAHS and the Commissions. See www.iugg2015prague.com/ for the programme and additional information. A ballot paper has been drawn up for the 55 positions who will be elected by National Representatives and is available on the IAHS 2015 Elections page where you will find all the election information.

There are two candidates for the post of President-elect of the Association. An IAHS administrative plenary will take place at the Prague Assembly, in Forum Hall, on Tuesday 23rd June, from 12:15 where the two candidates will take the floor and present their vision.

Elections results will be announced during the IAHS Plenary on Friday 26 June and on iahs.info. During the plenary session prizes will be presented for the International Hydrology prizes (Dooge medal and Volker medal) and the Tison award (see announcement).  We celebrate the end of the first biennium in the Panta Rhei decade and welcome the transition to the new Working Group. During the week, meetings will take place for some of the 10 IAHS commissions.

On a fun note we look forward to the traditional frisbee contest where the delegates demonstrate their physical skills in an international competition.

The full scientific programme is available and the papers selected for three IAHS symposia at IUGG2015 are now available open access on the PIAHS website: JS1 (Vol. 369), HS01 (Vol. 370) and HS02 (Vol. 371).

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