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HSJ Special Issue: Modelling Temporally-variable Catchments

Hydrological Sciences Journal Volume 60, Issue 7-8, 2015

Special Issue:   Modelling Temporally-variable Catchments

The Special Issue was published in August 2015 and is available via the Taylor and Francis website.

Two years ago, a workshop about challenges in modelling temporally-variable catchments was organized as part of the IAHS/IAPSO/IASPEI Joint Assembly (22-26 July 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden). This participative workshop gave modellers the opportunity to confront their own models on a selection of temporally-variable catchments following a predefined calibration/evaluation modelling protocol.

This Special Issue disseminates the main outcomes of the workshop and contains 19 articles (see the Volume 60, Issue 7-8, 2015, of the HSJ). Included in the Special Issue, two articles, Thirel et al. (2015a, b), are currently free-to-view on the HSJ website as Featured Articles. 

Thirel, G., Andréassian, V., Perrin, C., 2015a. On the need to test hydrological models under changing conditions. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 60:7-8, pages 1165-1173, DOI:10.1080/02626667.2015.1050027.

Thirel, G., Andréassian, V., Perrin, C., Audouy, J.-N., Berthet, L., Edwards, P., Folton, N., Furusho, C., Kuentz, A., Lerat, J., Lindström, G., Martin, E., Mathevet, T., Merz, R., Parajka, J., Ruelland, D., Vaze, J., 2015b. Hydrology under change: An evaluation protocol to investigate how hydrological models deal with changing catchments, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 60:7-8, pages 1184-1199, DOI:10.1080/02626667.2014.967248.

This special issue also includes papers following alternative testing methodologies, as well as an opinion paper on the definition of non-stationarity (Koutsoyiannis & Montanari – currently also free-to-view).

The remaining papers in the issue are available to purchase directly through the Taylor & Francis website and to IAHS members through the membership subscription rate (online/online+print - go to HSJLink to order).   IAHS members in the poorest countries receive free online subscriptions.
Member subscriptions are accessed using your personal log in at HSJLink in the IAHS membership area. IAHS membership is free of charge.

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