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Whitepaper - Monitoring Water in Extreme Droughts


July 2015 was the hottest month in recorded history according to NOAA! Extreme droughts around the world are creating an opportunity for hydrologists to record a historic event. Every drop counts. Every measurement counts.

Droughts are a global problem that require new hydrological insight.  Authored by expert hydrologist Stu Hamilton, this new whitepaper presents 7 best practices for monitoring water during droughts.

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Low flow monitoring presents new challenges and a chance to inform hydrological science and watershed management into the future. The most efficient path to a desirable water future is paved with data. Explore 7 ways to improve low flow monitoring in Stu's new whitepaper Monitoring Water in Extreme Droughts.

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This is not an endorsement of the Whitepaper or the AQUARIUS water data management system.

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