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Ecohydrology of Surface and Groundwater Dependent Systems: Concepts, Methods and Recent Developments

Author / Editor: Martin Thoms, Kate Heal, Eva Boegh, Antonio Chambel & Vladimir Smakhtin
Publication Number: 328
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-99-2
Year: 2009
Pages: 240

Price: £51.00

This volume is an outcome of the symposium of the same name organized by the IAHS international commissions on Continental Erosion (ICCE), on Groundwater (ICGW), and on Surface Water (ICSW) and the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) in Hyderabad, India, September 2009. The articles in this volume provide an exciting contribution to the field of Ecohydrology. As a collection they represent an expansion of this emerging field of science, from its initial focus on the relationships between water and vegetation in different landscape settings, to one that considers the:  Ecohydrology of riverine landscapes, Ecohydrology and groundwater systems and Ecohydrology and catchment land-use issues.

Contents for Ecohydrology of Surface and Groundwater Dependent Systems: Concepts, Methods and Recent Developments

Title Pages File
Ecohydrology of surface and groundwater dependant systems : Concepts, methods and recent developments, Symposium held at Hyderabad, India, September 2009
Martin Thoms, Kate Heal, Eva Bogh, Antonio Chambel & Vladimir Smakhtin, Editors
Preface of Volume 328
Martin Thoms, Kate Heal, Eva Bogh, Antonio Chambel & Vladimir Smakhtin
v-vi PDF Icon
The wetting and drying regime of a terminal flood plain-wetland system: implications for waterbird habitat
Scott C. Rayburg & Martin Thoms
3-12 PDF Icon
The effect of flow on the macrozoobenthos structure in a re-opened oxbow lake: a case study of the Slupia River, northern Poland
Krystian Tadeusz Obolewski, Katarzyna Glinska-Lewczuk & Szymon Kobus
13-23 PDF Icon
A transdisciplinary approach for modelling macroinvertebrate habitats in lowland streams
Jens Kiesel, Daniel Hering, Britta Schmalz & Nicola Fohrer
24-33 PDF Icon
Modelling the spatial variations of stream temperature and its impacts on habitat suitability in small lowland streams
Eva Boegh, Martin Olsen, John Conallin & Esbern Holmes
34-41 PDF Icon
The character and behaviour of flood plain vegetation landscapes
Rajendra L. Shilpakar & Martin Thoms
42-53 PDF Icon
An assessment of temporal habitat availability in a gravel-bed river using a Lidar-derived CFD model
Neil S. Entwistle, David J. Milan & George L. Heritage
53-61 PDF Icon
Mapping stream surface flow types by balloon: an inexpensive high resolution remote sensing solution to rapid assessment of stream habitat heterogeneity?
Michael A. Reid & Martin C. Thoms
62-67 PDF Icon
An investigation of the role of geomorphology in influencing biotope distribution
George L. Heritage, David J. Milan & Neil S. Entwistle
68-76 PDF Icon
Fuzzy logic-based expert system for native fish habitat assessment in a scarcity information context
R. I. Meza & H. X. Vargas
77-85 PDF Icon
The development of interdisciplinary flow-ecology models for the wetlands of the northern Murray-Darling Basin
Neil Saintilan, Joanne Ling & Li Wen
86-93 PDF Icon
Hydrological indices for quantifying ecologically relevant flow conditions in intermittent alluvial plain rivers
J. Schmidt, S. T. Larned, D. Arscott & J. C. Diettrich
94-102 PDF Icon
The potential effect of re-snagging on hydraulic habitat
Mark Southwell, Martin Thoms & Craig Boys
103-111 PDF Icon
An index of river health for river plain network regions
Ying Zhang, Ling Liu, Jianzhong Wang, Juan Chen & Chengpeng Lu
112-121 PDF Icon
Computation methods of minimum and optimal instream ecological flow for the upper Huaihe River, China
Qiongfang Li, Tao Cai, Hongjie Wang, Yunhong Xue, Linlong Bai, Peng Li & Bin You
122-126 PDF Icon
The ecohydrology of stream networks
Celeste Harris, Martin Thoms & Murray Scown
127-136 PDF Icon
The effect of groundwater supply on the hydrochemical diversity of flood plain lakes in the temperate climatic zone
Katarzyna Glinska-Lewczuk, Szymon Kobus, Krystian Obolewski & Jaroslaw Chormanski
139-150 PDF Icon
Groundwater-surface water interactions at a fen margin: hydrological controls on the micro-habitat of an indicator snail species Vertigo geyeri
Anna Kuczynska, Paul Johnston & Bruce Misstear
151-160 PDF Icon
Enhanced groundwater modelling methods for analyses in ecohydrology
Deborah L. Hathaway, Nabil Shafike & Karen MacClune
161-169 PDF Icon
Estimation of hydrological dynamics and ecohydrological effects in the Karst region of southwest China
Xi Chen, Zhicai Zhang, Pen Shi & Xuanwu Xue
170-180 PDF Icon
The contribution of groundwater to soil moisture in Populus euphratica root zone layer
Yonghua Zhu, Liliang Ren, Qicheng Zhang, Haishen Lu, Zhongbo Yu, Yanqing Wu & Huali Fe
181-188 PDF Icon
Onset of the rainy season and crop yield in sub-Saharan Africa - tools and perspectives for Cameroon
Patrick Laux, Greta Jackel, Munang Tingem & Harald Kunstmann
191-200 PDF Icon
Comparative study of the treatment of eutrophic water of different submerged plants with different planting densities
X. F. Chen, L. L. Ren & B. H. Guan
201-207 PDF Icon
The effect of gravel-sand mulch on soil moisture in the semi-arid loess region
Haishen Lu, Yonghua Zhu, Zhongbo Yu & Long Xiang
208-215 PDF Icon
Simulating the evolution of potential natural vegetation due to long-term climate change and its effect on the water balance of the Hanjiang River basin, China
Fei Yuan, Liliang Ren, Qinghua Luan & Zhongbo Yu
216-222 PDF Icon
Water balance and mean water residence time of the Vembanad Wetland of Kerala State, India
R. Gopakumar & K. Takara
223-232 PDF Icon
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