First Committee

The first Early Career Committee was formed in 2018 and served until the IAHS2022 in Montpellier. The mandate was extended due to the Covid pandemic.


Commission Name (First and Last) Gender Career Stage Country
Chair Nilay Dogulu Female PhD Turkey
ICCE Joris Eekhout Male Post-doc Spain
ICCLAS Tirthankar Roy Male Assistant Professor USA
ICGW Michelle Newcomer Female Post-doc USA
ICRS Kartic Bera Male Post-doc India
ICSH Svenja Fischer Female Post-doc Germany
ICSIH Elzbieta Czyzowska-Wisniewski Female Post-doc USA
ICSW Honeyeh Iravani Female PhD UK
ICT Giovanny Mosquera Male PhD Ecuador
ICWQ Jean Nepomuscene Namugize Male PhD Rwanda
ICWRS Gokcen Uysal Male Post-doc Turkey


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