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In Memoriam, Professor Mike Bonell

It was with deep regret that the international community of hydrologists learned of the death of Mike Bonell.

Mike was a man of many parts, one part being his allegiance and affinity to IAHS. Perhaps overshadowed by his activities in UNESCO for the International Hydrology Programme (IHP) and with the Dundee Centre, Mike nevertheless made a considerable contribution to the Association. His role in the organization of the joint IAHS/IHP Kovacs Colloquiums was one of these contributions but there were others, particularly promoting the FRIEND Project with IAHS over a number of Phases of the IHP. This was paralleled by his involvement in HELP. But Mike was also a prolific author, many papers carry his name and he was the editor and joint editor of a number of Red Books. One of his areas of concern was the humid tropics, following his sojourn in Queensland before joining the Division of Water Sciences in 1992, while catchment hydrology was another. 

Mike was a very likeable and approachable person: he was always willing to have a chat. With his Aussie background his accent was often mistaken for an Australian one, but in fact it was a largely Yorkshire twang. And, of course, he usually came straight to the point. We shall miss him!

John Rodda

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