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Complex Interfaces Under Change: Sea – River – Groundwater – Lake

C. Cudennec, M. Kravchishina, J. Lewandowski, D. Rosbjerg & P. Woodworth

The hydrosphere is dynamic across the major compartments of the Earth system: the atmosphere, the oceans and seas, the land surface water, and the groundwater within the strata below the two last compartments. The global geography of the hydrosphere essentially depends on thermodynamic and mechanical processes that develop within this structure. Water-related processes at the interfaces between the compartments are complex, depending both on the interface itself, and on the characteristics of the interfaced compartments.
Various aspects of global change directly or indirectly impact these interfaces and interfaced compartments and processes. Climate, sea-level, oceanographic currents and hydrological processes are all affected, while anthropogenic changes are often intense in the geographic settings corresponding to such interfaces.

This volume combines selected papers from two symposia, HP2 and HP3, held during the 2013 IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Assembly in Gothenburg, Sweden:

HP2: Land–Ocean Interaction – Hydrodynamics and Biogeochemistry, and
HP3: Implications of Sea Level Change for the Coastal Zone.

IAHS Publ. 365 (2014) ISBN 978-1-907161-43-8, 100 + viii pp. Price £36.00
Abstracts of the papers in this volume can be seen in the IAHS bookstore

IUGG Early Career Scientist Award and STAHY Best Paper Award 2014

Our congratulations go to the recipients of the IUGG Early Career Scientist Award and the STAHY Best Paper Award.

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Red Books in press - 365 and 367

Red Books in press – Available from IAHS in December 2014.

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Natural resources and water management for African researchers December 2-22, 2014 in New Delhi

Natural resources and water management course for African researchers from December 2-22, 2014 in New Delhi.
Organised by Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Ministry of External Affairs along with Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

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ICCE/IAHS 2014 Symposium in New Orleans 11-14 December 2014

The International Symposium on Sediment Dynamics: From the Summit to the Sea is part of a series of symposia organized under auspices of The International Commission on Continental Erosion (ICCE), which is one of ten commissions of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). It will be held in New Orleans, USA from 11-14 December 2014.

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In Memoriam, Dr Jim McCulloch

It is with great sadness that we report the recent death of Jim McCulloch.  

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13 days to abstract deadline for IAHS JH1, HS1 & HS2 at IUGG 2015

The 16th November 2014 abstract submission deadline is fast approaching for the IAHS Symposia at IUGG 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic. Submit your abstract on the IUGG website.

The papers presented in the these three IAHS Symposia will be published as volumes of the online open-access journal,  PIAHS that continues the IAHS Red Book series. 

JH1 - Extreme Hydrological Events

HS01 - Changes in Flood Risk and Perception in Catchments and Cities

HS02 - Hydrologic Non-Stationarity and Extrapolating Models to Predict the Future

We are pleased to announce that keynote papers will be presented at HS02 by  Prof. Dr. Günter Blöschl (Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, TU Vienna) and Dr. Stan Schymanski (ETH Zürich).

7th FRIEND-Water Conference Proceedings now available

Hydrology in a Changing World: Environmental and Human Dimensions

IAHS Publ 363 (edited by Trevor M. Daniell et al.) is the reviewed proceedings of the 7th World FRIEND-Water Conference held in France in October 2014. 

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Webinar: AQUARIUS WebPortal - How to Make Data Sharing Easy

Dear Sir / Madam,

As a friend of the IAHS, you are invited to next week's Webinar: AQUARIUS WebPortal – How to Make Data Sharing Easy. On October 29, Chris Heyer will reveal 7 ways you can share water information, anywhere, anytime. Rich statistics, intuitive maps, email alerts, and live reports, on a secure or public web portal, keep stakeholders informed. Learn how real-time flood data helps Brisbane officials protect their city.

AQUARIUS WebPortal – How to Make Data Sharing Easy
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
9 AM PDT | 10 AM MDT | 11 PM CDT | 12 PM EDT | 4 PM GMT | 5 PM CET
Can’t make it? Register here today to receive a link to the recording after the webinar.

Water is life. Your water data is valuable, but getting the right information to the right people in real-time can be challenging. Technology “promises” anytime, anywhere access. The new AQUARIUS WebPortal actually delivers on that promise. Attend this webinar and discover how you can automatically share your quality water data with stakeholders in the office and in the field.

Get a look inside the Brisbane City Council Floodwise program, built on AQUARIUS WebPortal. Discover how 450 city officials can respond rapidly to flash foods. Colour-coded maps allow officials to quickly zone in on critical events and drill-down to related charts and tables. Powerful alerting capabilities, via email or SMS, enable officials to take timely action to protect residents.

1-Hour Webinar Highlights:

  • Getting data from stations to stakeholders automatically
  • 3 ways to disseminate data: maps, graphs, tables
  • 3 ways to alert stakeholders: email, SMS, live reports
  • Keeping mobile stakeholders informed on tablets & smart phones
  • Setting access rights for secure or public data sharing
  • Real-time quality data with AQUARIUS Time-Series

About the Speaker: Chris Heyer is currently Director of Sales at Aquatic Informatics. Previously, he specialized in instrumentation for real-time monitoring of surface water quality and quantity at YSI and its parent company Xylem. Chris also worked for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, leading the state’s continuous water quality monitoring program and co-developing the Eyes on the Bay data portal.

Don't miss this complimentary presentation! Discover how sharing environmental data in an interactive graphical display can result in better, faster decisions for the optimal management of your natural water resources.

Space is limited. Register online today >

Aquatic Informatics Inc.
2400 – 1111 West Georgia St, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4M3, Canada
p: +1.604.873.2782 | tf: +1.877.870.2782
[email protected] | www.aquaticinformatics.com

Sent to you by the IAHS, on behalf of Aquatic Informatics.
This is not an endorsement of the webinar or the AQUARIUS water data management system.

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