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ICCE: International Commission on Continental Erosion

Future meetings of ICCE

1. 2014 ICCE Symposium on Sediment Dynamics: From the Summit to the Sea.

Session themes include:

  • Monitoring and modeling erosion on hills, floodplains, and coastal shorelines;
  • Monitoring and modeling sediment transport in streams, rivers, and estuaries;
  • Erosion and sediment-associated chemical transport and pollution across landscape and waterscape;
  • Land use and climate change effects on erosion and sediment transport and;
  • Interactions between sediment hydrodynamics, channel morphodynamics, river delta, and coastal processes.

For more information visit the conference website http://www.rnr.lsu.edu/icce2014/

2. Two ICCE sponsored workshops are proposed for the 26th IUGG Scientific Assembly, Prague 22 June-2 July 2015

They include:

  • The role of sediment as an indicator of hydrological and societal change (M. Stone, A. Collins, V. Golosov) 
  • Fingerprinting: Methodological problems, techniques and uncertainty (P. Porto and A. Collins).

Mike Stone, President ICCE

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