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Floods - a continuing challenge

Major floods are the most chronic and costly natural hazards in many countries and continuing work in flood related sciences and implementation of hazard-reduction policies is essential to constrain the associated damage.

Several publications available from IAHS report innovative flood research and integrated flood risk management.

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Special Publ. 10 (2012) 978-1-907161-28-5 516 + xvi pp.


Changes in Flood Risk in Europe

Editor Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

Floods are the most prevalent natural hazard in Europe. But, has flood risk increased in the continent? How, where, and why? Are climate change impacts apparent? How do socio-economic trends and associated land-use change impact flood risk? This interdisciplinary book, authored by an international team, offers:

  • A comprehensive overview of flood risk in Europe, past and present, and future
  • National/regional chapters covering Central Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe and Northern Europe, the Alpine region and the Iberian Peninsula.
  • A focus on detection and attribution of change with respect to climate change and its impacts, water resources and flood risk, the re-insurer’s view point, and future projections of flood risk.

IAHS Publ. 357 (2013) ISBN 978-1-907161-35-3, 470 + x pp.

IAHS 357

Floods: From Risk to Opportunity

Editors A. Chavoshian & K. Takeuchi
Co-editors X. Cheng, E. Plate, S. Simonovic, S. Uhlenbrook & N. Wright

A paradigm shift from focusing on emergency response and recovery to flood risk management is required to build the capacity necessary to cope with floods. The process should be supported by vulnerability monitoring and development of tools such as standard measures of risk and preparedness in an integrated approach to improve capacity to deal with floods, taking advantage of their benefits while minimizing the social, economic and environmental risks. The papers cover flood risk and disaster management, forecasting and early warning, and management in different regions.

Weather Radar and Hydrology

Editors Robert J. Moore, Steven J. Cole & Anthony J. Illingworth

Weather Radar and Hydrology concerns the monitoring and forecasting of rainfall over space and time, and how the pattern of rainfall is transformed by a varied landscape into surface water runoff and river flow across a city, region or country, and so has significant practical application across water resource functions, including flood forecasting and warning, flood design, urban drainage manage¬ment, water supply and environmental services. 

A valuable record of current activity with >100 peer-reviewed contributions from WRaH 2011, Exeter, UK.

IAHS Publ. 351 (2012) ISBN 978-1-907161-26-1, 672 + xvi pp.

Risk in Water Resources Management

Editors Günter Blöschl, Kuni Takeuchi, Sharad Jain, Andreas Farnleitner & Andreas Schumann

Water resources management has to deal with incomplete knowledge of the current dynamics and the future evolution of water resource systems. Risk is a concept that helps in making management decisions under incomplete and/or incorrect knowledge by relating water-related hazards and their consequences. Risks related to floods and droughts, to the environment and to health, as well as economic and financial risk are encompassed by water resources management. It is not possible to completely eliminate uncertainty, but better under-standing of the sources and magnitude of the uncertainties involved in a particular project will clearly lead to improved decisions: this volume aims towards that end.

IAHS Publ. 347 (2011) 978-1-907161-22-3 276 + x pp.

Frontiers in Flood Research

Editors Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, Khin Ni Ni Thein & Pierre Hubert

International experts provide new  information and insights to the key issues and developments in present flood research. Scientific understanding of the flood phenomenon and of its potential impacts from the perspective of the engineering, operational, economic, social and ecological aspects of flood research, and with a focus on integrated flood risk management, is proposed.

IAHS Publ. 305 (2006) ISBN 1-901502-63-5 212 + xii pp. 

Hydrological Sciences Journal

In addition, the following article is now free to view in HSJ at Taylor & Francis

Flood risk and climate change: global and regional perspectives by Z. W. Kundzewicz et al. (Dec. 2013) 

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