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7th IWRM Bochum IAHS conference

The spatial dimensions of water management – Redistribution of benefits and risks. 

Bochum, May 18th to 20th , 2016.

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
Institute of Hydrology, Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering.

This meeting, as part of the series of IWRM conferences organised by ICWRS, focuses on spatial aspects of water management. Since water is unevenly distributed in space and time, its storage and redistribution is a fundamental task of water management.

The spatial aspects, which will be discussed during this meeting are extensive. The main topics of the presentations are:

1.       Spatial aspects of water supply and the redistribution of benefits from water

2.       Floods and spatial aspects of flood risks

3.       Spatial dimensions of water scarcity

4.       Scale problems of water management if the summation of individual measures becomes a problem

5.       Hydrological regionalisation issues

6.       The spatial dimension in socio-hydrology

Conference Flyer 

Conference proceedings will be published in PIAHS.

The registration fee is 380 €  Registration is open until 11th May 2016.

Further information is available from http://iahs-rub.hydrology.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/ 

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