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Only one week left!

Abstract submission deadline for the 27th IUGG General Assembly is 18th February.

The IAHS programme will be over the first half of the Assembly ie 9-14 July 2019.

It will be a busy week for IAHS members and there are plenty of opportunities to share your research and interact. IAHS are organising 29 Association Symposia (H01-H29) ranging from an update on the Unsolved Problems in Hydrology initiative, Predictions in Ungauged Basins and Water Related Education, to science-front focuses on all the hydrological compartments, interfaces and methods. For more information visit - http://iugg2019montreal.com/h.html 

IAHS members are also involved in 3 cryosphere related symposium, are leading 5 Joint symposia (JH01-JH05) and are involved in 16 other joint symposia with the IUGG family and UN Agencies, addressing the Panta Rhei decade, and tackling all the sustainability and emerging challenges related to Agenda 2030, the Anthropocene, Hydroclimate, citizen sciences, new monitoring technologies and service value chain.

Abstract submission, online registration and accommodation reservation are all now open on the website: http://iugg2019montreal.com/ 

For the full program overview and symposia details: http://iugg2019montreal.com/iugg-program.html
Registration and housing reservation: http://iugg2019montreal.com/register.html
Abstract submission: http://iugg2019montreal.com/abstract-submission.html
Submission of a travel grant application: http://iugg2019montreal.com/travel-grant.html

For additional information, please contact secretariatiugg2019@jpdl.com
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