The Science Panta-lan of Panta Rhei was prepared by the IAHS Task Force for the new decade through a web based discussion (the IAHS blog) and a series of physical meetings held in Vienna, Nanjing, Delft and Bologna.

The Science Plan can be downloaded here.

The paper synthetising the Science Plan, published on the Hydrological Sciences Journal, can be downloaded here.

The start-up talk of Panta Rhei was based on this powerpoint presentation.

The video of the start-up talk is accessible here.

Panta Rhei is presented by Montanari et al., Panta Rhei—Everything Flows”:Change in hydrology and society—The IAHS Scientific Decade 2013–2022, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 58:6, 1256-1275, DOI:10.1080/02626667.2013.809088.

The science plan for action and implementation is developed to address the following targets:

Target 1 - Understanding, to improve the knowledge and understanding of hydrological systems;

Target 2 - Estimation and prediction, to estimate and predict the behaviours and patterns of hydrological systems, with uncertainty assessment to support risk evaluation;

Target 3 - Science in practice, to address societal needs, policy making and implementation.


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