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Panta Rhei Survey

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder about the ongoing Panta Rhei Survey.

You can help us identify hotspots of water crises around the world by filling in the attached questionnaire before January 8. It takes only 5-10 minutes!

This Panta Rhei Survey is a step towards a community-wide effort to share data and advance our understanding of social, technical and hydrological factors underlying the emergence of different phenomena.

If you know of any water crisis, please fill in the questionnaire (see attachment) and send it back by email to giuliano.dibaldassarre@geo.uu.se by January 8. All contributions will be properly acknowledged.

Best wishes,

Giuliano Di Baldassarre
IAHS Panta Rhei Chair 2017-2019

On behalf of the IAHS Panta Rhei Leadership Team (Veena Srinivasan, Fuqiang Tian, Yasir Mohamed, Tobias Krueger, Heidi Kreibich, Junguo Liu, Tara J. Troy & Amir AghaKouchak)
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