“Climate Change Impacts on Sediment Dynamics: Measurement, Modelling and Management”.


The international symposium entitled “Climate Change Impacts on Sediment Dynamics: Measurement, Modelling and Management” will be jointly held with the "The Second International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation in Moscow August 27-31, 2018. This meeting follows a series of highly successful symposia organized by the International Commission on Continental Erosion (ICCE), which is one of the ten commissions of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). The first ICCE symposium was held in Florence, Italy more than 30 years ago. Recent symposia have been held in Waterloo, Canada in 2000, Moscow, Russia in 2004, Dundee, United Kingdom in 2006, Christchurch, New Zealand in 2008, Warsaw, Poland in 2010, Chengdu, China in 2012, New Orleans, USA in 2014 and more recently at Rothamsted Research, near Exeter, UK in 2016. 

Conference Theme

Erosion, sediment delivery and sediment transport are natural geological processes that influence the form and function of terrestrial and aquatic systems. These processes are central to landscape and soil development, geochemical cycling, material fluxes and river channel morphology across the globe. In addition, they strongly influence water quality and ecosystems of the world’s rivers and oceans. A wide range of natural (i.e. wildfire) and anthropogenic (harvesting, agriculture, urbanization) disturbances alter the rates and magnitudes of erosion and related sediment dynamics which can have significant economic and social implications. While several important changes to the earth’s surface have resulted from socio-economic (i.e. population growth, land use change, resource extraction) factors, there is increasing concern for the potential importance of climate change as a driver of future changes in erosion and sediment dynamics and the wide ranging impacts thereof. This symposium specifically addresses the issue of climate change and its impact on erosion and sediment dynamics with special emphasis on its implications for measurement, modelling and management of sediment in a changing world.  


The symposium will address the following questions.

  1. How will climate change alter key drivers of erosion and sediment dynamics?
  2. How will storage and transport dynamics be affected?
  3. What are the implications of climate change for river morphology?  
  4. What are the implications for sediment management and control measures?
  5. What are the implications for water quality and drinking water treatment and supply?
  6. What statistical techniques are required to address uncertainty?
  7. Are current models appropriate to address climate change impacts at varying spatial and temporal scales?
  8. What management tools or approaches are required to respond to climate change impact on sediment dynamics?

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline 1 April 2018
  • Registration & fee payment deadline (early bird) 01 May 2018
  • Notice on abstract acceptance 15 April 2018
  • Conference & meeting dates 27-31 August 2018
  • Post conference trip to Kazan and St.Petersburg (TBA) 1-3 September 2018

Conference program will include:

  • Plenary lectures by keynote speakers – internationally recognized scientists
  • Oral and poster thematic sessions
  • Field excursion to the World largest hydro-technical projects – water transfer from Volga River to Moscow city
  • Cultural program in Moscow
  • Post-conference tours to the cities of Saint-Petersburg and Kazan (TBA)
  • Extra-program – special thematic part-time courses for young scientists. The participants of the workshops will get certificate of Moscow State University

Moreover, ICCE Symposium will be accompanied by The Second International Young Scientists Forum on Soil and Water Conservation. It will address mechanism/processes and modeling of soil degradation, innovation of technology of soil and water conservation, ecological restoration and regional sustainable development and etc. For more information please visit www.eng.geogr.msu.ru/IYFSWC.

Outstanding youth paper award

The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) will select 10 papers as Outstanding Youth Paper Award from the presentations submitted by young people who is not older than 40 years by the end of 2018. Each awardee will win $1000 (USD) prize and may get some reduction of expenses during the Forum. More detailed information you can find on conference website (http://www.eng.geogr.msu.ru/IYFSWC/youth_paper_award/).

For registration, please follow, this link (http://www.eng.geogr.msu.ru/IYFSWC/registration/). Abstract templates and conference letters can be downloaded here (http://www.eng.geogr.msu.ru/IYFSWC/downloads/).


Conference e-mail: iyfswc-2018@geogr.msu.ru

Conference web-site: http://www.eng.geogr.msu.ru/IYFSWC/

Facebook group: https://fb.me/IYFSWC

Please, distribute this information to your colleagues and international partners. We are looking forward to see you in Moscow in August 2018.