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NEW DATES: 7 - 21 October 2022, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

IAHS/ICCE International Symposium 'River sediment quality and quantity: environmental, geochemical and ecological perspectives'

The IAHS event will be held in Bydgoszcz, Poland in 2022. (www.icce2022.ukw.edu.pl). These are new dates due to COVID situation
All paid registrants and sponsors will have their congress entry pass deferred to the new October date with no action required on the registrants side. Shall you not be able to attend the Symposium in the new dates, please write to icce2022@ukw.edu.pl. Please note, that new registration and payment terms and conditions applies with a deadlines exchanged accordingly.

2022 International Association of Hydrological Sciences Scientific Assembly session Montpellier, 29th May – 3nd June 2022
Co-organized by IAHS commissions on Continental Erosion (ICCE) and Snow and Ice Hydrology ICSIH) with a partnership of PEEX program 

Snow-melt driven erosion and sediment pathways in Polar regionsSnow and ice melt in Polar regions are associated with dramatic changes in the hydrological regime and significantly enhance erosional processes. Such changes are the most important driver of the hydrological cycle of Polar rivers and dominate the fluxes of dissolved and particulate substances from land to the Arctic Ocean. This session aims to present studies which are devoted to mass transport phenomena in Polar regions that are associated with snow and ice melt such as continental erosion, sediment transport and water quality issues within the freshet period. The session will also include topic of organic matter delivery to rivers due to permafrost thaw.

Deadline for Abstracts submission: 1 December http://www.iahs2022.org/abstracts.asp

Conveners:  Sergey Chalov (ICCE), Vsevolod Moreido (ICSIH)