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Hydro-climatology: Variability and Change

Author / Editor: Stewart W. Franks, Eva Boegh, Eleanor Blyth, David M. Hannah & Koray K. Yilmaz
Publication Number: 344
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-19-3
Year: 2011
Pages: 254 + x pp.

Price: £58.00

The hydro-climatological approach of this volume illustrates the scientific and practical value of considering hydrological phenomena and processes in a climate context to improve understanding of controls, process interaction, and past and future variability/change. Contributions deal with understanding hydrological systems given historic observed climate variability, or utilise climate models to project future climate scenarios and then assess the resultant hydrol­ogical consequences. Human interventions – water storages, extrac­tion, irrigation, land-use change – i.e. the societal context, are also considered. The inter­disciplinary approach reveals information and perspectives that go beyond the study of climate and hydrology alone.


Contents for Hydro-climatology: Variability and Change

Title Pages File
Preface of Volume 344
Stewart W. Franks, Eva Boegh, Eleanor Blyth, David M. Hannah & Koray K. Yilmaz
v-vi PDF Icon
Stewart W. Franks, Eva Boegh, Eleanor Blyth, David M. Hannah & Koray K. Yilmaz
vii-x PDF Icon
Drought risks and impact on water resources in part of northern Nigeria
Olusegun Adeaga
1-6 PDF Icon
Kohonen Self-Organizing Map as a software sensor estimator of reference crop evapotranspiration
Adebayo Adeloye & Rabee Rustum
7-14 PDF Icon
Pan evaporation trend for the Haihe River basin and its response to climate change
Zhenxin Bao, Jianyun Zhang, Guoqing Wang, Guobin Fu, Cuishan Liu & Xiaolin Yan
15-20 PDF Icon
Calibration of an evapotranspiration model using runoff records and regional evapotranspiration
Zoubeida Bargaoui & Ahmed Houcine
21-26 PDF Icon
Developing a feedbacks toolkit for regional water resource assessments
E. M. Blyth & C. M. J. Jacobs
27-31 PDF Icon
Hydrological validation of statistical downscaling methods applied to climate model projections
Marie Bourqui, Thibault Mathevet, Joel Gailhard & Frederic Hendrickx
32-38 PDF Icon
Pathologies of hydrological models used in changing climatic conditions: a review
L. Coron, V. Andréassian, M. Bourqui, C. Perrin & F. Hendrickx
39-44 PDF Icon
Variability, change and prediction of hydro-climatic elements in the Hai River basin, China
Xiangyi Ding, Yangwen Jia, Jinsheng Jia, Huaidong Zhou & Yuchun Wang
45-51 PDF Icon
Evaluation of energy balance, combination and complementary schemes for estimation of evaporation
A. Ershadi, M. F. McCabe, J. P. Evans & J. P. Walker
52-56 PDF Icon
Temporal changes in annual rainfall in the “Top End” of Australia
Wayne D. Erskine, Michael J. Saynor & Maureen Townley-Jones
57-62 PDF Icon
Water and ice regimes of the rivers of European Russia under climate change
Natalia Frolova, Svetlana Agafonova & Dmitry Nesterenko
63-68 PDF Icon
Statistical downscaling of daily rainfall for southeastern Australia
Guobin Fu & Stephen P. Charles
69-74 PDF Icon
Non-stationary analysis of spatial patterns of extreme rainfall events in West Africa
Sandra G. Garci­a Galiano & Juan D. Giraldo Osorio
75-81 PDF Icon
Evolution of main rainy season characteristics in Burkina Faso derived from rainfall data of five regional climate models (RCM)
Boubacar Ibrahim, Harouna Karambiri & Jan Polcher
82-86 PDF Icon
The effects of the 2007-2008 drought on water resources in Ilam Province, Iran
Haji Karimi & Sadegh Alimoradi
87-92 PDF Icon
Changes of pan evaporation and its influencing factors in different climate zones of China
Cuishan Liu, Jianyun Zhang, Guoqing Wang & Ruimin He
93-98 PDF Icon
Recent increased frequency of drought events in Poyang Lake Basin, China: climate change or anthropogenic effects?
Yuanbo Liu, Ping Song, Jian Peng, Qiaoni Fu & Cuicui Dou
99-104 PDF Icon
Hydro-climatological variability in the Murray-Darling Basin
Natalie Lockart, Dmitri Kavetski & Stewart W. Franks
105-111 PDF Icon
Explaining annual streamflow variability of Amazonian rivers
Alan V. Lopes & John A. Dracup
112-117 PDF Icon
Agronomy and climatology of a 100 000 km² watershed in West Africa
S. Louvet, K. Delarue, J. E. Paturel, G. Mahe, M. Vaksman, L. Tiganadaba, N. Vigaud, P. Ro
118-124 PDF Icon
Past and future spatio-temporal variability of rainfall of the Bani catchment in West Africa
S. Louvet, J. E. Paturel, G. Mahé N. Vigaud, P. Roucou, N. Rouché & M. Koité
125-130 PDF Icon
The River Niger and climate change over 100 years
G. Mahe, G. Lienou, F. Bamba, J. E. Paturel , O. Adeaga, L. Descroix, A. Mariko, J. C. Oli
131-137 PDF Icon
Estimation of the flooded area of the Inner Delta of the River Niger in Mali by hydrological balance and satellite data
G. Mahe, D. Orange, A. Mariko & J. P. Bricquet
138-143 PDF Icon
Numerical modelling and land–atmosphere feedback of drought in southeast Australia
X. H. Meng, J. P. Evans & M. F. McCabe
144-149 PDF Icon
Simulation of the impacts of climate change on the water budget of the Xitiao River catchment, China
Xingguo Mo & Dejuan Meng
150-156 PDF Icon
Separation of climate and anthropogenic influences on Columbia River mean flow and sediment transport
Pradeep K. Naik & David A. Jay
157-162 PDF Icon
Hydro-climatic variability of the Hadejia-Jama'are river systems in north-central Nigeria
Shakirudeen Odunuga, Ifeyinwa Okeke, Ademola Omojola & Lekan Oyebande
163-168 PDF Icon
Analysis of extreme daily rainfall in southeast Asia with a gridded daily rainfall data set
Keisuke Ono & So Kazama
169-175 PDF Icon
Modelling maximum precipitation in a mountainous area of Greece under global warming
Dionysia Panagoulia & Chrys Caroni
176-181 PDF Icon
River runoff response to climate changes in Poland (East-Central Europe)
Joanna Pociask-Karteczka
182-187 PDF Icon
Non-linearity of the runoff response across southeastern Australia to increases in global average temperature
David A. Post, Jin Teng, Francis H. S. Chiew, Biao Wang, Jai Vaze & Steve Marvanek
188-194 PDF Icon
How could hydro-climatic conditions evolve in the long term in West Africa? The case study of the Bani River catchment
D. Ruelland, L. Collet, S. Ardoin-Bardin & P. Roucou
195-201 PDF Icon
Trends in hydro-meteorological variables in the Brahmaputra basin in India and their impact on flood events
U. C. Sharma & Vikas Sharma
202-207 PDF Icon
Estimation of evapotranspiration in the Brígida River basin, Brazil, by satellite remote sensing
Richarde Marques Silva, Leonardo Pereira e Silva, Celso Augusto Guimarães Santos & Suzana
208-214 PDF Icon
Satellite-based tracking of water surface variation of Poyang Lake during the last three decades
Ping Song & Yuanbo Liu
215-220 PDF Icon
Calibration of hydrological models for medium-term streamflow prediction in a changing climate
Jin Teng, Francis H. S. Chiew, Jai Vaze & David A. Post
221-226 PDF Icon
Trends in precipitation extremes and long-term memory of runoff records in Zhejiang, East China
Ye Tian, Yueping Xu, Martijn J. Booij, Qingqing Zhang & Shengji Lin
227-232 PDF Icon
Climate variability and water security for power generation
Adam M. Wyatt & Stewart W. Franks
233-238 PDF Icon
Evapotranspiration observation and data analysis in reed swamp wetlands
Shiguo Xu & Tao Ma
239-244 PDF Icon
Assessment of flash flood events using remote sensing and atmospheric model derived precipitation in a hydrological model
Ismail Yucel & Fatih Keskin
245-252 PDF Icon
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