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Remote Sensing and GIS for Hydrology and Water Resources

Author / Editor: Yangbo Chen, C. Neale, I. Cluckie, Z. Su, J. Zhou, Q. Huang & Z. Xu
Publication Number: 368
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-46-9
Year: 2015
Pages: 484 + xii

Price: £110.00

Remote Sensing and GIS for Hydrology and Water Resources



Also available online as volume 368 of PIAHS (Proceedings of IAHS) at:

Contents for Remote Sensing and GIS for Hydrology and Water Resources

Title Pages File
Preface of Volume 368 - Abstracts and papers are available online open access as Volume 368 of PIAHS (Proceedings of IAHS) at:
Yangbo Chen, C. Neale, I. Cluckie, Z. Su, J. Zhou, Q. Huang, Z. Xu
v-vi PDF Icon
Yangbo Chen, C. Neale, I. Cluckie, Z. Su, J. Zhou, Q. Huang, Z. Xu
vii-xii PDF Icon
Calibration of hydrological models using TOPEX/Poseidon radar altimetry observations
Wenchao Sun, Hao Song, Tao Cheng & Jingshan Yu
3-8 PDF Icon
GéoSAS: A modular and interoperable Open Source Spatial Data Infrastructure for research
R. Béra, H. Squividant, G. Le Henaff, P. Pichelin, L. Ruiz, J. Launay, J. Vanhouteghem, P.
9-14 PDF Icon
Simultaneous atmospheric correction and quantification of suspended particulate matter in the Guadalquivir estuary from Landsat images
Miriam Carpintero, María José Polo & Mhd. Suhyb Salama
15-20 PDF Icon
Seasonal variation of ice melting on varying layers of debris of Lirung Glacier, Langtang Valley, Nepal
Mohan B. Chand, Rijan B. Kayastha, Achut Parajuli & Pradeep K. Mool
21-26 PDF Icon
Atmospheric boundary layer characteristics and land−atmosphere energy transfer in the Third Pole area
Yaoming Ma, Zhikun Zhu, Pukar Man Amatya, Xuelong Chen, Zeyong Hu, Lang Zhang, Maoshan Li
27-32 PDF Icon
Snow evolution in a semi-arid mountainous area combining snow modelling and Landsat spectral mixture analysis
Rafael Pimentel, Javier Herrero & María José Polo
33-39 PDF Icon
Studying snow cover in European Russia with the use of remote sensing methods
A. A. Telegina
40-45 PDF Icon
Estimating atmospheric visibility using synergy of MODIS data and ground-based observations
Hossein Komeilian, S. Mohyeddin Bateni, Tongren Xu & Jeffrey Nielson
46-50 PDF Icon
Application of ZY-3 remote sensing image in the research of Huashan experimental watershed
Kun Guo, Jianqun Wang & Yang Wang
51-56 PDF Icon
Glacier area and volume changes of Hidden Valley, Mustang, Nepal from ~1980s to 2010 based on remote sensing
Lakshman Lama, Rijan B. Kayastha, Suadan Bikash Maharjan, Samjwal Ratna Bajracharya, Mohan
57-62 PDF Icon
Driving factors for runoff decline in the Upper Hanjiang basin, a major water source for the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in China
Shulei Zhang, Dawen Yang & Xiangyu Xu
63-68 PDF Icon
Atmospheric correction of HJ1-A/B images and the effects on remote sensing monitoring of cyanobacteria bloom
Hongxu Ma, Shenglian Guo, Xingjun Hong & Yanlai Zhou
69-74 PDF Icon
Comparison of multiple models for estimating gross primary production using remote sensing data and fluxnet observations
Sisi Wang & Xingguo Mo
75-80 PDF Icon
Surface resistance calibration for a hydrological model using evapotranspiration retrieved from remote sensing data in Nahe catchment forest area
Weiwei Bie, Markus C. Casper, Philipp Reiter & Michael Vohland
81-88 PDF Icon
Evaluation of radar-based precipitation estimates for flash flood forecasting in the Three Gorges Region
Zhe Li, Dawen Yang, Yang Hong, Youcun Qi & Qing Cao
89-95 PDF Icon
Application of quantitative precipitation forecasting and precipitation ensemble prediction for hydrological forecasting
Peng Tao, Shen Tie-Yuan, Yin Zhi-Yuan & Wang Jun-Chao
96-101 PDF Icon
Influence of rainfall space-time variability over the Ouémé basin in Benin
T. Gascon, T. Vischel, T. Lebel, G. Quantin, T. Pellarin, V. Quatela, D. Leroux & S. Galle
102-107 PDF Icon
Study of a dynamic downscaling scheme for quantitative precipitation forecasting
Yuan Li, G.H. Lu, Z.Y. Wu & Jun Shi
108-113 PDF Icon
Analysis of precipitation cycles based on MEM in the Yellow River basin
Zhanjie Li, Tao Cheng, Hao Song, Zhanling Li & Jingshan Yu
114-119 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial variations of precipitation in the Jinsha River basin during 1961–2010
Xiaofan Zeng, Na Zhao, Huaiwei Sun, Lei Ye & Jianqing Zhai
120-125 PDF Icon
Trends of surface humidity and temperature during 1951−2012 in Beijing, China
Qi Chu, Zongxue Xu, Dingzhi Peng, Xiaojing Yang & Gang Yang
126-131 PDF Icon
Satellite and gauge rainfall merging using geographically weighted regression
Qingfang Hu, Hanbo Yang, Xianmeng Meng, Yintang Wang & Pengxin Deng
132-137 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal variations of precipitation in Haihe River basin in the recent 53 years
Bing Wang & Zhixia Xu
138-143 PDF Icon
Online watershed boundary delineation: sharing models through Spatial Data Infrastructures
H. Squividant, R. Béra, P. Aurousseau & C. Cudennec
144-149 PDF Icon
Study of Beijiang catchment flash-flood forecasting model
Yangbo Chen, Ji li, Shaokun Huang & Yi Dong
150-155 PDF Icon
Physically-based distributed modelling of river runoff under changing climate conditions
I. Krylenko, Yu. Motovilov, E. Antokhina, V. Zhuk & G. Surkova
156-161 PDF Icon
Optimal parameters of the SVM for temperature prediction
Xiaoyu Shi, Qiang Huang, Jianxia Chang, Yimin Wang, Jiangqun Lei & Jing Zhao
162-167 PDF Icon
Study of heterogeneous vertical hyporheic flux via streambed temperature at different depths
Jingsi Zhu, Longcang Shu, Chengpeng Lu, Junjiang Li, Shuai Chen, Shulei Li & Guan Wang
168-173 PDF Icon
Research experiment on infiltration and runoff in Jujube land of northern Shaanxi
Province Xiaoyu Song & Peng Bai
174-179 PDF Icon
Evaluation of the HYMOD model for rainfall–runoff simulation using the GLUE method
Zhongxian Quan, Jianbiao Teng, Wenchao Sun, Tao Cheng & Jie Zhang
180-185 PDF Icon
Urban flood simulation based on the SWMM model
Lei Jiang, Yangbo Chen & Huanyu Wang
186-191 PDF Icon
Flood forecasting model based on geographical information system
An Dong, Li Zhi-Jia, Wu Yong-Tuo, Yao Cheng & Du Yi-Heng
192-196 PDF Icon
An estimation method of the direct benefit of a waterlogging control project applicable to the changing environment
Liu Zengmei, Qin Guanghua & Chen Zishen
197-203 PDF Icon
Annual runoff prediction using a nearest-neighbour method based on cosine angle distance for similarity estimation
Guanghua Qin, Hongxia Li, Xin Wang, Qingyan He & Shenqi Li
204-208 PDF Icon
Application of the PRMS model in the Zhenjiangguan watershed in the Upper Minjiang River basin
Longzhang Fang, Chao Liu, Guanghua Qin, Bin Zhang & Tiegang Liu
209-214 PDF Icon
Simulation of soil moisture for typical plain region using the Variable Infiltration Capacity model
Zhiyong Wu, Yun Mao, Guihua Lu & Jianhua Zhang
215-220 PDF Icon
Simulating hydrological processes in a sub-basin of the Mekong using GBHM and RS data
Wei Wang, Hui Lu, Dawen Yang, Bin Gao, Yang Jiao & Zhiguo Pang
221-226 PDF Icon
Optimal application of conceptual rainfall–runoff hydrological models in the Jinshajiang River basin, China
Muhammad Tayyab, Jianzhong Zhou, Xiaofan Zeng, Lu Chen & Lei Ye
227-232 PDF Icon
Detecting runoff variation in Weihe River basin, China
Fan Jingjing, Huang Qiang, Cui Shen & Guo Aijun
233-238 PDF Icon
Improving evaluation of climate change impacts on the water cycle by remote sensing ET-retrieval
Sandra G. García Galiano, Patricia Olmos Giménez, José Ángel Martínez Pérez, Juan Diego Gi
239-244 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal variations of winter discharge under climate change: Case study of rivers in European Russia
E.A. Telegina
245-250 PDF Icon
POME-copula for hydrological dependence analysis
Dengfeng Liu, Dong Wang, Lachun Wang, Yuanfang Chen, Xi Chen & Shenghua Gu
251-256 PDF Icon
An evaluation of the effect of future climate on runoff in the Dongjiang River basin, South China
Kairong Lin, Wenliang Zhai, Shuxian Huang & Zufa Liu
257-262 PDF Icon
Quantitative study of impacts of climate change and human activities on runoff in Beiluohe River basin
Aijun Guo, Qiang Huang & Yimin Wang
263-268 PDF Icon
Analysing the influence of human activity on runoff in the Weihe River basin
Cui Shen & Huang Qiang
269-274 PDF Icon
Effects of dams on river flow regime based on IHA/RVA
Qingting Zuo & Shikui Liang
275-280 PDF Icon
Calculation of design flood for regions with no data but influenced by warping dam projects
Qin Yi, Quan Qize, Li Ke & Li Xuechun
281-286 PDF Icon
Impact of global dimming on reference evapotranspiration in Hai River basin, China
Na Zhao, Xiaofan Zeng & Huaiwei Sun
287-292 PDF Icon
Response of hydrological processes to climate change in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, China
Xiaolei Yao, Xingqi Cui, Jingshan Yu & Wenchao Sun
293-298 PDF Icon
Monitoring temporal patterns of vertical hyporheic flux via distributed temperature sensors
Xiaoru Su, Longcang Shu, Wei Li, Chengpeng Lu, Jingsi Zhu, Guangdong Wu, Xi Wang & Guan Wa
299-304 PDF Icon
Effect of length of the observed dataset on the calibration of a distributed hydrological model
Xingqi Cui, Wenchao Sun, Jianbiao Teng, Hao Song & Xiaolei Yao
305-311 PDF Icon
Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the Variable Infiltration Capacity model in the upstream of Heihe River basin
Rui He & Bo Pang
312-316 PDF Icon
Regionalization of coaxial correlation diagrams for the semi-humid and semi-arid catchments in Northern China
Qiaoling Li, Zhijia Li, Lizhe Chen & Cheng Yao
317-322 PDF Icon
Satellite data analysis for identification of groundwater salinization effects on coastal forest for monitoring purposes
M. Barbarella, M. De Giglio, L. Panciroli & N. Greggio
325-330 PDF Icon
Forecast of irrigation water demand considering multiple factors
Xuemei Wang, Xiaohui Lei, Xuning Guo, Jinjun You & Hao Wang
331-336 PDF Icon
Estimation of long-term nutrient loadings into a hyper-eutrophic artificial lake in a lowland catchment, western Japan
Yuta Shimizu, Shin-Ichi Onodera, Guangzhe Jin & Mitsuyo Saito
337-342 PDF Icon
Estimating water availability across the Upper Salween and Mekong river basins
Suxia Liu, Wenhao Ding, Changming Liu, Lifang Liu, Sagar Bajracharya, Arun Shrestha, Neera
343-349 PDF Icon
Yangbo Chen, C. Neale, I. Cluckie, Z. Su, J. Zhou, Q. Huang, Z. Xu
343-349 PDF Icon
Risk control of groundwater exploitation for Zhangye basin in the middle reaches of Heihe River basin, China
Xiang Guosheng, Qian Ju, Wang Shuixian, Liu Qin, Liu Fen & Wan Liu
350-355 PDF Icon
Development of Chengdu and sustainable utilization of the ancient Dujiangyan Water-Conservancy Project
Xiaorong Huang, Jinjun You, Pengpeng Yang & Xuerui Chai
356-360 PDF Icon
Studying groundwater and surface water interactions using airborne remote sensing in Heihe River basin, northwest China
Chuankun Liu, Jie Liu, Yue Hu & Chunmiao Zheng
361-365 PDF Icon
Study of an evaluation index system of well-off water conservancy in Yunnan Province
Chunxiao Chang, Zhonghui Wen, Longcang Shu, Chengpeng Lu, Shixiang Gu, Jianguang Su, Meng
366-372 PDF Icon
Analysis of shallow-groundwater dynamic responses to water supply change in the Haihe River plain
Zhou Lin, Wang Lin & Lin Pengfei
373-378 PDF Icon
Combining the trapezoidal relationship between land surface temperature and vegetation index with the Priestley-Taylor equation to estimate evapotranspiration
Xiaogang Wang, Wen Wang & Yanyang Jiang
379-384 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal characteristics of water resources in Argun River basin based on multi-source data
Liu Hui, Baiyin Baoligao, Chen Xingru & Wang Xiuying
385-390 PDF Icon
Spatio-temporal variation of surface soil moisture over the Yellow River basin during 1961–2012
Rui Tong, Xiaoli Yang, Liliang Ren, Hongren Shen, Hongcui Shan, Hao Kong & Changqing Lin
391-395 PDF Icon
Regional drought assessment using a distributed hydrological model coupled with Standardized Runoff Index
Hongren Shen, Fei Yuan, Liliang Ren, Mingwei Ma, Hao Kong & Rui Tong
397-402 PDF Icon
Analysis of baseflow index based hydrological model in Upper Wei River basin on the Loess Plateau in China
Dengfeng Liu, Jianxia Chang, Fuqiang Tian, Qiang Huang & Xianmeng Meng
403-408 PDF Icon
Modified temperature index model for estimating the melt water discharge from debris- covered Lirung Glacier, Nepal
Achut Parajuli, Mohan B. Chand, Rijan B. Kayastha, Joseph M. Shea & Pradeep K. Mool
409-414 PDF Icon
Ecological restoration and effect investigation of a river wetland in a semi-arid region, China
Shiguo Xu, Xin Jiang, Yuyu Liu, Yanzhao Fu & Qian Zhao
417-423 PDF Icon
Impacts of lake water environmental condition on bioavailable-phosphorus of surface sediments in Lixia River basin, China
Ying Zhang, Ling Liu & Chengpeng Lu
424-429 PDF Icon
Hindcasting morphodynamic evolution with sand–mud interactions in the Yangtze Estuary
Hao Jie, Guo Leicheng, Mick Van Der Wegen & Dano Roelvink
430-435 PDF Icon
Eco-environmental quality evaluation of Huaibei Plain
Min Xu, Yonghua Zhu, Haishen Lü, Yuan Li, Xiaozhen Zhou & Yaning Chen
436-441 PDF Icon
Confined aquifer vulnerability induced by a pumping well in a leakage area
Xianmeng Meng, Bo Deng, Junyu Shao, Maosheng Yin, Dengfeng Liu & Qingfang Hu
442-447 PDF Icon
Temporal-spatial distribution of non-point source pollution in a drinking water source reservoir watershed based on SWAT
Min Wang, Wen Cheng, Bo-shi Yu & Yong Fang
448-453 PDF Icon
Effect of land use on the seasonal variation of streamwater quality in the Wei River basin, China
Songyan Yu, Zongxue Xu, Wei Wu & Depeng Zuo
454-459 PDF Icon
Water budget and its variation in Hutuo River basin predicted with the VIP ecohydrological model
Farong Huang & Xingguo Mo
460-465 PDF Icon
Experimental study on the spatial variation of hydrodynamic parameters for hillslope-gully side erosion system in loess landscapes
Xungui Li & Xia Wei
466-471 PDF Icon
Stochastic analysis of the hydraulic conductivity estimated for a heterogeneous aquifer via numerical modelling
Chengpeng Lu, Ying Zhang, Longcang Shu, Xunhong Chen, Shuai Chen, Shulei Li, Guan Wang & J
472-477 PDF Icon
A new empirical model for estimating the hydraulic conductivity of low permeability media
Shipeng Qi, Zhonghui Wen, Chengpeng Lu, Longcang Shu, Jianwei Shao, Yin Huang, Shuo Zhang
478-484 PDF Icon
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