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Climate Variability and Change - Hydrological Impacts

Author / Editor: Siegfried Demuth, Alan Gustard, Eduardo Planos, Fred Scatena & Eric Servat
Publication Number: 308
ISBN Number: 978-1-90150278-7
Year: 2006
Pages: 708

Price: £115.00

Since 1985, the international FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data) research programme of UNESCO has developed to become a global network of researchers from universities, research organizations, operational hydrological agencies and policy makers, for exchanging and sharing scientific knowledge and data. Eight regional FRIEND groups have been established and are investigating global change impacts on the hydrological cycle, statistical analyses of hydrological extremes, flow forecasting, hydrological modelling at different scales, variability of hydrological regimes, uncertainties in applying hydrological and water resources models and regionwide surface water assessment, to enhance capacity building in developing countries. The Fifth International FRIEND conference was held in Havana, Cuba, and this proceedings volume publishes 117 papers from over 30 countries. It reflects both the international dimension of FRIEND and the key challenges facing hydrologists in the 21st century. The papers focus on: Data: databases; networks; GIS; Hydrological extremes: low flow prediction and forecasting, flood prediction and forecasting, rainfall-runoff modelling; Hydro-climatology: precipitation variability and prediction, teleconnections, climate change and impacts, trends; and Ecosystems: in-stream ecology, flood plains, water quality, sediments, groundwater, water balance, soils and land cover.

Contents for Climate Variability and Change - Hydrological Impacts

Title Pages File
Climate Variability and Change ; Hydrological Impacts FRIEND World Conference La Habana / La Havana Cuba 2006
Siegfried Demuth, Alan Gustard, Eduardo Planos, Fred Scatena & Eric Servat, Editors
Preface of Volume 308
Siegfried Demuth
iii PDF Icon
Siegfried Demuth, Alan Gustard, Eduardo Planos, Fred Scatena & Eric Servat
v-xii PDF Icon
FRIEND: key achievements and opportunities in international co-operation international co-operation - Alan Gustard & Mike Bonell
Alan Gustard & Mike Bonell
3-9 PDF Icon
Human impacts, complexity, variability and non-homogeneity: four dilemmas for the water resources modeller - Trevor M. Daniell & Katherine A. Daniell
Trevor M. Daniell & Katherine A. Daniell
10-16 PDF Icon
SIEREM: an environmental information system for water resources - J. F. Boyer et al.
J. F. Boyer, C. Dieulin, N. Rouche, A. Cres, E. Servat, J. E. Paturel & G. Mahe
19-25 PDF Icon
Operational management of hydrological extremes using global-scale atmospheric models - Arnold H. Lobbrecht et al.
Arnold H. Lobbrecht, Schalk Jan Van Andel & Frans Van Kruiningen
26-30 PDF Icon
Real-time monitoring and management of point and areal hydrometeorological data in the Athens metropolitan area - Maria Mimikou & Andreas Grammatikogiannis
Maria Mimikou & Andreas Grammatikogiannis
31-36 PDF Icon
Hydrological assessment of Makanya catchment in South Pare Mountains, semiarid northern Tanzania - Marloes L. Mul et al.
Marloes L. Mul, Hubert H. G. Savenije, Stefan Uhlenbrook & Maurits P. Voogt
37-43 PDF Icon
L'Observatoire de Recherche en Environnement, ORE HYBAM sur les grands fleuves amazoniens / The Environmental Observation and Research project, ORE HYBAM, and the rivers of the Amazon basin - Gerard Cochonneau et al.
Gerard Cochonneau, Francis Sondag, Jean-Loup Guyot, Boaventura Geraldo, Naziano Filizola,
44-50 PDF Icon
The decline of hydrological data collection for development of integrated water resource management tools in Southern Africa - Helen Houghton-Carr & Matt Fry
Helen Houghton-Carr & Matt Fry
51-55 PDF Icon
The use of spatial information to improve hydrometric network design and evaluation - Cedric Laize & Terry Marsh
Cedric Laize & Terry Marsh
56-61 PDF Icon
Modelacion hidrologica empleando isoyetas de relieve, una aproximacion geoestadistica / Hydrological modelling using relief-isohyets: a geostatistical approximation - Raul Becerra-Soriano & Alfonso Gutierrez-Lopez
Raul Becerra-Soriano & Alfonso Gutierrez-Lopez
62-67 PDF Icon
The contribution of GIS to hydrological modelling - C. Dieulin et al.
C. Dieulin, J. F. Boyer, S. Ardoin-Bardin & A. Dezetter
68-74 PDF Icon
An evaluation of the potential use of satellite rainfall data for input to water resource estimation models in southern Africa - Denis A. Hughes
Denis A. Hughes
75-80 PDF Icon
Application of digital terrain analysis to estimate hydrological variables in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico - Andrew S. Pike
Andrew S. Pike
81-85 PDF Icon
Submodelo de erosion en laderas para modelo precipitacion-escorrentia en SIG / A hillslope erosion submodel for use with rainfall-runoff models in GIS - Alejandro Dussaillant J.
Alejandro Dussaillant J.
86-90 PDF Icon
A European case-based reasoning tool to inter-compare hydrological information on water stress among drainage sub-basins - Jasper Griffioen et al.
Jasper Griffioen, Sophie Vermooten, Neno Kukuric & Slavek Vasak
91-96 PDF Icon
Stochastic model of flow duration curves for selected rivers in Bangladesh - M. F. Bari & Kh. Md. Shafiul Islam
M. F. Bari & Kh. Md. Shafiul Islam
99-104 PDF Icon
Regionalization of flow duration curves - Irina Krasovskaia et al.
Irina Krasovskaia, Lars Gottschalk, Etienne Leblois & Alexia Pacheco
105-110 PDF Icon
Regionalization of low flow in Costa Rica - Alexia Pacheco et al.
Alexia Pacheco, Lars Gottschalk & Irina Krasovskaia
111-116 PDF Icon
Low flow estimation in Austria - Gregor Laaha & Gunter Bloschl
Gregor Laaha & Gunter Bloschl
117-121 PDF Icon
Drought propagation through the hydrological cycle - Henny A. J. Van Lanen
Henny A. J. Van Lanen
122-127 PDF Icon
Propagation of drought in a groundwater fed catchment, the Pang in the UK - Lena M. Tallaksen et al.
Lena M. Tallaksen, Hege Hisdal & Henny A. J. Van Lanen
128-133 PDF Icon
Predicting low flows in ungauged basins: a hydrological response unit approach to continuous simulation - Andrew R. Young et al.
Andrew R. Young, Virginie Keller & Jim Griffiths
134-138 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial variability of drought in mountain catchments of the Nysa Klodzka basin Poland - Tamara Tokarczyk & Wojciech Jakubowski
Tamara Tokarczyk & Wojciech Jakubowski
139-144 PDF Icon
Le dispositif PRESAGES: un ensemble d'outils pour la prevision des etiages / PRESAGES: A collection of tools for predicting low flows - Claire Lang et al.
Claire Lang, Emmanuel Gille, Didier Fran�ois & Jean-Claude Auer
145-150 PDF Icon
Multi-model technique for low flow forecasting - Mary-Jeanne Adler & Valentina Ungureanu
Mary-Jeanne Adler & Valentina Ungureanu
151-157 PDF Icon
Seasonal forecasting of river flows: a review of the state-of-the-art - Jennifer Easey et al.
Jennifer Easey, Christel Prudhomme & David M. Hannah
158-162 PDF Icon
Predicting low flows in ungauged catchments - Kolbjorn Engeland et al.
Kolbjorn Engeland, Hege Hisdal & Stein Beldring
163-168 PDF Icon
Drought indices suitable to study the linkages to large-scale climate drivers in regions with seasonal frost influence - Anne K. Fleig et al.
Anne K. Fleig, Lena M. Tallaksen & Hege Hisdal
169-174 PDF Icon
Sistema de alerta hidrologico de la cuenca del Rio Salado, provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina: avances en su implementacion / The Salado River basin (Santa Fe, Argentina) flood warning system: advances in its implementation - Gustavo Ferreira
Gustavo Ferreira
175-179 PDF Icon
Impact assessment of measures in the upstream part of Dutch basins to reduce flooding - Erik Querner & Menno Rakhorst
Erik Querner & Menno Rakhorst
180-185 PDF Icon
Propuesta para minimizar el impacto de las inundaciones en una cuenca costera de la costa de Chiapas, Mexico / Proposals for minimizing flooding in the Chiapas coastal river basin, Mexico - Martin D. Mundo Molina
Martin D. Mundo Molina
186-190 PDF Icon
Numerical estimation of flood zones in the Vistula River valley, Warsaw, Poland - M. Gutry-Korycka et al.
Malgorzata Gutry-Korycka, Artur Magnuszewski, Jaroslaw Suchozebrski, Witold Jaworski, Mich
191-195 PDF Icon
Sistema de alerta temprana por inundaciones experiencia en El Salvador / Experience of the Flood Early Warning System in Salvador - Ana Deisy Lopez Ramos
Ana Deisy Lopez Ramos
196-200 PDF Icon
Pronostico de lluvia sobre territorio cubano al paso de los huracanes Charley e Ivan, usando MM5V3 / Rainfall forecasting in Cuba for hurricanes Charley and Ivan using MM5V3 - Ida Mitrani Arenal et al.
Ida Mitrani Arenal, Israel Borrajero Montejo & Arnoldo Bezanilla Morlot
201-206 PDF Icon
Indices y grados de riesgo de inundacion comunales en sistemas de alerta: uso de logica difusa / Indices and grades of regional flood risk in a flood alert system: use of fuzzy logic - Arnaldo Santander & Ximena Vargas
Arnaldo Santander & Ximena Vargas
207-213 PDF Icon
AIGA: un dispositif d'alerte des crues. Application a la region mediterraneenne francaise / AIGA: a flood forecasting tool. Application to the French Mediterranean region - Jacques Lavabre & Yves Gregoris
Jacques Lavabre & Yves Gregoris
214-219 PDF Icon
Impact of the Amazon tributaries on major floods at Obidos Amazon River - Josyane Ronchail et al.
Josyane Ronchail, Jean-Loup Guyot, Jhan Carlo Espinoza Villar, Pascal Fraizy, Gerard Cocho
220-225 PDF Icon
Bayesian priors based on regional information: application to regional flood frequency analysis - Mathieu Ribatet et al.
Mathieu Ribatet, Eric Sauquet, Jean-Michel Gresillon & Taha B. M. J. Ouarda
226-231 PDF Icon
Flash floods in mountain areas flash floods - Manfred Spreafico
Manfred Spreafico
232-238 PDF Icon
Rainfall-runoff modelling of Bua River basin, Malawi - S. H. Mkhandi & P. G. Kumambala
S. H. Mkhandi & P. G. Kumambala
239-243 PDF Icon
Modelacion distribuida de la cobertura nival para el pronostico de volumenes de deshielo / Estimating snowmelt volume using snow cover distribution modelling - Patricio Valck C. et al.
Patricio Valck C., Ximena Vargas M. & Mauricio Cartes
244-249 PDF Icon
Essais de modelisation avec peu de donnees en Afrique de l'Ouest / Trying to model with little data in West Africa - Jean Emmanuel Paturel et al.
Jean Emmanuel Paturel, Christophe Laroche, Lawani Mounirou, Lamine Mar, Sandra Ardoin-Bard
250-255 PDF Icon
Precipitation elasticity of streamflow in catchments across the world - Francis H. S. Chiew et al.
Francis H. S. Chiew, Murray C. Peel, Thomas A. McMahon & Lionel W. Siriwardena
256-262 PDF Icon
An approach to the vulnerability analysis of intensive precipitation in Cuba - E. O. Planos Gutierrez & M. E. Limia Martinez
Eduardo O. Planos Gutierrez & Miriam E. Limia Martinez
265-269 PDF Icon
Influencia de los embalses y lagos en las intensidades maximas de precipitacion / Influence of reservoirs and lakes on maximum rainfall intensities in Chile - Roberto Pizarro et al.
Roberto Pizarro, Claudia Sanguesa & Dayanna Aravena
270-274 PDF Icon
Application of a statistical method for medium-term rainfall prediction - Zhongmin Liang et al.
Zhongmin Liang, Bo Lu & Xiaofan Zeng
275-280 PDF Icon
Evaluacion de la incertidumbre en la variabilidad espacial de la precipitacion usando un modelamiento multiGaussiano / Evaluation of the uncertainty of spatial precipitation variability using a multiGaussian model - Solange Dussaubat et al.
Solange Dussaubat, Ximena Vargas & Julian Ortiz
281-286 PDF Icon
Deriving the highest persisting monthly 24-hour dew points in Malaysia for the estimation of PMP - M. N. Mohd Desa & P. R. Rakhecha
M. N. Mohd Desa & P. R. Rakhecha
287-293 PDF Icon
Multi-decadal variability of rainfall and water resources in Nigeria - Olusegun Adeaga
Olusegun Adeaga
294-299 PDF Icon
Relacion entre probabilidad de ocurrencia de dias con lluvia y tormentas electricas en Casablanca y Camaguey / Relationship between the probability of occurrence of rainfall and thunderstorms at Casablanca and Camiguey - Lourdes Alvarez Escudero et al.
Lourdes Alvarez Escudero, Israel Borrajero Montejo, Rosendo Alvarez Morales & Laura Aenlle
300-303 PDF Icon
Causas de la reciente sequia acaecida en la region oriental de Cuba / Causes of the recent droughts in western Cuba - Braulio Lapinel et al.
Braulio Lapinel, Abel Centella, Idelmis Gonzales, Cecilia Fonseca & Virgen Cutie
304-309 PDF Icon
Characterization of heavy rainfall days in Ciego de Avilo province (Cuba) and the relationship with objective synoptic processes - A. M. Hernandez & O. L. Cordova Garcia
Armando Mursuli Hernandez & Orlando L. Cordova Garcia
310-314 PDF Icon
A study of the spatial extension of agricultural drought in Cuba and its hyper-annual trends - Oscar Solano et al.
Oscar Solano, Ranses Vazquez & Maria E. Martin
315-318 PDF Icon
Critique statistique des series des pluies annuelles dans le bassin amont du Fleuve Senegal / Statistical analyses of the annual rainfall of the upper Senegal basin - Soussou Sambou & Edmond Nicaise Malanda Nimy
Soussou Sambou & Edmond Nicaise Malanda Nimy
319-324 PDF Icon
Impacts of regional land use and land cover on rainfall: an overview - R. A. Pielke Sr et al.
R. A. Pielke Sr, A. Beltran-Przekurat, C. A. Hiemstra, J. Lin, T. E. Nobis, J. Adegoke, U.
325-331 PDF Icon
Analisis de la Sequia Agricola establecida en la Republica Dominicana desde 1971 al 2000 / Analysis of agricultural droughts in the Dominican Republic, 1971-2000 - R. Vazquez et al.
Ranses Vazquez, Oscar Solano, Solangel Yokasta Gonzales, Leoncio Duarte & Daniel Camacho
332-337 PDF Icon
Drought in Costa Rica: temporal and spatial behaviour, trends and the relationship to atmospheric circulation patterns - Christian Birkel & Siegfried Demuth
Christian Birkel & Siegfried Demuth
338-343 PDF Icon
Associations between Western European air-masses and river flow regimes - David M. Hannah et al.
David M. Hannah, Donna Bower & Glenn R. McGregor
344-349 PDF Icon
Interactions between large-scale climate and river flow across the northern North Atlantic margin - Daniel G. Kingston et al.
Daniel G. Kingston, David M. Hannah, Damian M. Lawler & Glenn R. McGregor
350-355 PDF Icon
Identification of the distribution of hydroclimatic cycles of field observations in Southeast Asia - Maria A. Solera-Garcia et al.
Maria A. Solera-Garcia, Nick A. Chappell & Wlodek Tych
356-361 PDF Icon
Influences of ENSO and SST variations on the interannual variability of rainfall amounts in southern Africa - Patrick Valimba et al.
Patrick Valimba, Pierre Camberlin, Yves Richard, Eric Servat & Denis Hughes
362-368 PDF Icon
Diagnostico de probabilidades de lluvias asociados a eventos del ciclo ENOS en la costa de Ecuador / Assessing rainfall probabilities using ENSO cycle events on the coast of Ecuador - Jonathan Cedeno et al.
Jonathan Cedeno, Telmo De La Cuadra, Karina Abata, Ma. Auxiliadora Merizalde & M. Pilar Co
369-374 PDF Icon
GCM and downscaling uncertainty in modelling of current river flow: why is it important for future impacts? - Christel Prudhomme
Christel Prudhomme
375-381 PDF Icon
The impacts of climate change on water resources in the Okavango basin - Sonja Folwell & Frank Farqhuarson
Sonja Folwell & Frank Farqhuarson
382-388 PDF Icon
Exploring the impacts of climate change on water resources-regional impacts at a regional scale: Bangladesh - Chak Fai Fung et al.
Chak Fai Fung, Francis Farquharson & Jahir Chowdhury
389-393 PDF Icon
Possible impacts of climate variability/change and urbanization on water resources availability and quality in the Benin-Owena River basin - J. N. Okpara et al.
J. N. Okpara, L. E. Akeh & A. C. Anuforom
394-400 PDF Icon
Uncertainty in climate change impacts on low flows - Martijn J. Booij et al.
Martijn J. Booij, Martijn Huisjes & Arjen Y. Hoekstra
401-406 PDF Icon
Climate change impact on reservoir water supply reliability - Dana Halmova & Marian Melo
Dana Halmova & Marian Melo
407-412 PDF Icon
Climate change impacts on water resources in Guyana - Kailas Narayan
Kailas Narayan
413-417 PDF Icon
Climate change impacts and responses in the Czech Republic and Europe - Oldrich Novicky et al.
Oldrich Novicky, Ladislav Kasparek & Martina Pelakova
418-423 PDF Icon
La variabilite des debits du Rio Amazonas au Perou / Variability in discharge of the Peruvian Amazon - Jhan Carlo Espinoza Villar et al.
Jhan Carlo Espinoza Villar, Pascal Fraizy, Jean Loup Guyot, Juan Julio Ordonez Galvez, Rod
424-429 PDF Icon
Utilisation optimale de l'information pluviometrique des MCGA aux echelles hydrologiques au Sahel / Optimal use of GCM rainfall information at the hydrological scale in the Sahel - Abdou Ali et al.
Abdou Ali, Abou Amani, Thierry Lebel & Sidibe Ibrahima
430-435 PDF Icon
Application de scenarii climatiques en modelisation hydrologique: utilisation des sorties GCM / Application of climatic scenarios in hydrological modelling: using GCM outputs - Sandra Ardoin-Bardin et al.
Sandra Ardoin-Bardin, Alain Dezetter, Eric Servat, Claudine Dieulin, Laurence Casenave, He
436-441 PDF Icon
Quel scenario de changement climatique retenir pour une analyse d'impacts? / Which climate change scenario to keep for analysing impacts? - Claude Bocquillon et al.
Claude Bocquillon, Wajdi Najem & Antoine Hreiche
442-446 PDF Icon
Relation entre hydrologie et climat dans le bassin versant de l'Oued Inaouene (pre-Rif marocain) / Relationship between hydrology and climate in the Inaouene River basin, pre-Rifian Morocco - Abdelkader El Garouani & Abdellatif Tribak
Abdelkader El Garouani & Abdellatif Tribak
447-453 PDF Icon
Regionalization of a distributed catchment model for highly glacierized Nepalese headwater catchments - Markus Konz et al.
Markus Konz, Ludwig N. Braun, Stefan Uhlenbrook, Siegfried Demuth & Arun Shrestha
454-459 PDF Icon
Climate change impacts on glacial lakes and glacierized basins in Nepal and implications for water resources - Suresh Raj Chalise et al.
Suresh Raj Chalise, Madan Lall Shrestha, Om Ratna Bajracharya & Arun Bhakta Shrestha
460-465 PDF Icon
Variability of runoff from Alpine basins - David N. Collins
David N. Collins
466-472 PDF Icon
An assessment of the potential impacts of climatic warming on glacier-fed river flow in the Himalaya - H. Gwyn Rees & David N. Collins
H. Gwyn Rees & David N. Collins
473-478 PDF Icon
El glaciar 15 del Antisana investigaciones glaciologicas y su relacion con el recurso hidrico / Glacier 15, Antisana, Ecuador: its glaciology and relations to water resources - Bolivar Caceres et al.
Bolivar Caceres, Bernard Francou, Vincent Favier, Guillaume Bontron, Pierre Tachker, Rodol
479-482 PDF Icon
An historical analysis of drought in England and Wales - Gwyneth A. Cole & Terry J. Marsh
Gwyneth A. Cole & Terry J. Marsh
483-489 PDF Icon
The effect of record length on the analysis of river flow trends in Wales and central England - Harry Dixon et al.
Harry Dixon, Damian M. Lawler, Asaad Y. Shamseldin & Paul Webster
490-495 PDF Icon
High and low flow trends in a national network of undisturbed indicator catchments in the UK - Jamie Hannaford & Terry J Marsh
Jamie Hannaford & Terry J Marsh
496-501 PDF Icon
Past and future changes in flood and drought in the Nordic countries - Hege Hisdal et al.
Hege Hisdal, Lars A. Roald & Stein Beldring
502-507 PDF Icon
Changes in runoff regimes in small catchments in Central Europe: Are there any? - Ladislav Holko et al.
Ladislav Holko, Andreas Herrmann & Alena Kulasova
508-513 PDF Icon
A national study on trends and variations of French floods and droughts - M. Lang et al.
M. Lang, B. Renard, E. Sauquet, P. Bois, A. Dupeyrat, C. Laurent, O. Mestre, H. Niel, L. N
514-519 PDF Icon
Long-term trends and runoff fluctuations of European rivers - Pavla Pekarova et al.
Pavla Pekarova, Pavol Miklanek & Jan Pekar
520-525 PDF Icon
Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on spatial and temporal patterns in Eurasian river flows - Raimund Rodel
Raimund Rodel
526-532 PDF Icon
Analisis del Comportamiento Hidrico en El Salvador: posibles causas e implicaciones / Analysis of river flow trends in El Salvador: possible causes and consequences - A. M. Erazo Chica et al.
Adriana Maria Erazo Chica, Tomas Rivas Pacheco & Oscar Hernandez
533-537 PDF Icon
Methodologies for trend detection - Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz & Maciej Radziejewski
Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz & Maciej Radziejewski
538-550 PDF Icon
Water demand in the Zhalong Wetland ecosystem - Wang Jian-qun et al.
Wang Jian-qun, Han Li & Ma Tie-min
553-557 PDF Icon
Estimation of minimum acceptable (compensatory) flow for the rivers of Costa Rica - Sadl Laporte et al.
Sadl Laporte, Alexia Pacheco & Carlos R. Rodriguez
558-562 PDF Icon
Hidrologia de laguna albufera Reserva El Yali, humedal RAMSAR, Chile / Hydrology of the El Yali coastal marsh reserve, a RAMSAR site in Chile - Pablo Galdames et al.
Pablo Galdames, Chi Sun & Alejandro Dussaillant J.
563-568 PDF Icon
Environmental demands for sustainable regulation schemes in the humid tropics - Anny Chaves et al.
Anny Chaves, Irina Krasovskaia & Lars Gottschalk
569-572 PDF Icon
Interaction between surface and groundwater in the flooding of riparian wetlands: Biebrza wetlands case study - Tomasz Okruszko et al.
Tomasz Okruszko, Jaroslaw Chormanski & Dorota Swiatek
573-578 PDF Icon
Modelling of inundation patterns on the Pilica River flood plain, Poland - Mustafa Altinakar et al.
Mustafa Altinakar, Edyta Kiedrzynska & Artur Magnuszewski
579-585 PDF Icon
A global assessment of chemical effluent dilution capacities from a macro-scale hydrological model - Virginie D. J. Keller et al.
Virginie D. J. Keller, Mick J. Whelan & H. Gwyn Rees
586-590 PDF Icon
Wet and dry deposition of atmospheric nitrogen in three hydrographic basins in Cuba - Osvaldo Cuesta-Santos et al.
Osvaldo Cuesta-Santos, Arnaldo Collazo, Maria Gonzalez & Antonio Wallo
591-595 PDF Icon
Application of hydrogeochemical modelling to the characterization and water quality control of coastal karst aquifers - J. R. Fagundo Castillo et al.
J. R. Fagundo Castillo, P. Gonzalez Hernandez, J. Fagundo Sierra, M. Suarez Munoz, C. Meli
596-600 PDF Icon
Studying waste load dispersion in Songkhla Lake using a simulation model - Winai Sae-Chew
Winai Sae-Chew
601-605 PDF Icon
Risques d'eutrophisation et de comblement des retenues d'eau au Burkina Faso / Risk of eutrophication and filling-up of small reservoirs in Burkina Faso - Amadou Hama Maiga et al.
Amadou Hama Maiga, Yacouba Konate, Kokou Denyigba, Harouna Karambiri & Joseph Wethe
606-611 PDF Icon
Characteristics of sediment and nutrient flows in the lower reach of the Yellow River - Jianyao Chen et al.
Jianyao Chen, Dong Ke, Xinfeng Zhao, Yoshihiro Fukushima & Makoto Taniguchi
612-616 PDF Icon
Factors affecting the groundwater regime in the High Tatra Mountains Slovakia - Miriam Fendekova & Marian Fendek
Miriam Fendekova & Marian Fendek
617-622 PDF Icon
A new, physically-based, numerical runoff generation model system for study of surface-shallow groundwater relationships and system reactions to environmental changes - Andreas Herrmann et al.
Andreas Herrmann, Matthias Schoniger & Sybille Schumann
623-628 PDF Icon
Isotopic evidence of the overexploitation of karst aquifers - L. F. Molerio Leon
L. F. Molerio Leon
629-634 PDF Icon
Contaminacion del acu�fero yucateco por lixiviado de residuos municipales / Contamination of the Yucatan aquifer by leachate from municipal waste - Roger Gonzalez Herrera & Ramiro Rodriguez Castillo
Roger Gonzalez Herrera & Ramiro Rodriguez Castillo
635-640 PDF Icon
Interpolation of water balance components for Costa Rica - Federico Gomez et al.
Federico Gomez, Irina Krasovskaia, Lars Gottschalk & Etienne Leblois
641-645 PDF Icon
Physical insights into soil water storage in the soil-plant-atmosphere system - Urszula Somorowska
Urszula Somorowska
646-650 PDF Icon
Determination of the soil hydrophysical characteristics and vegetation parameters of a river basin in a permafrost region - Yeugeniy Gusev & Olga Nasonova
Yeugeniy Gusev & Olga Nasonova
651-655 PDF Icon
Minor changes of water conservation capacity in 50 years of forest growth: analysis with data from the Ananomiya Experimental Forest, Japan - Michio Hashino & Huaxia Yao
Michio Hashino & Huaxia Yao
656-661 PDF Icon
Respuesta de los caudales maximos al manejo de bosques de plantaciones en cuencas experimentales en el sur de Chile / Peak flow changes in a managed-forest experimental basin in southern Chile - Andres Iroume et al.
Andres Iroume, Claudia Castillo, Helen Primrose, Anton Huber & James Bathurst
662-666 PDF Icon
UNESCO Working Group on the impacts of climate variability and land cover change on flooding and low flows as a function of scale floods - Gunter Bloschl et al.
Gunter Bloschl, Sandra Ardoin-Bardin, Mike Bonell, Manfred Dorninger, David Goodrich, Diet
667-671 PDF Icon
Overview of land cover change in tropical regions - Rudi Drigo
Rudi Drigo
672-678 PDF Icon
The impacts of land use/land cover change and climate variability on the hydrology of the Sahel - Gil Mahe
Gil Mahe
679-684 PDF Icon
Environment change (deforestation, agricultural-water management, increased cultivation) impact on rural population health: Buruli ulcer prevalence in Ivory Coast - Telesphore Brou et al.
Telesphore Brou, Helene Broutin, Mireille Dosso & Jean-Francois Guegan
685-690 PDF Icon
A hydrological modelling approach that allows for evolution of the land surface in African Sahel basins - Pierre Diello et al.
Pierre Diello, Jean-Emmanuel Paturel, Gil Mahe, Bruno Barbier, Harouna Karambiri & Eric Se
691-697 PDF Icon
Efecto de las plantaciones de Pinus radiata sobre el recurso agua en Chile / The effect of Pinus radiata plantations on water resources in Chile - Anton Huber & Andres Iroume
Anton Huber & Andres Iroume
698-702 PDF Icon
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