Strategic UN Synergy (SUN) Working Group

Details of the Working Group

Strategic UN Synergy (SUN) Working Group: Lead by Mojtaba Shafiei 

The Strategic UN Synergy Working Group (SUN) is proposed to support the implementation of HELPING goals within its dynamic strategic plan. At the core of the SUN WG, we emphasize two inspiring concepts: “Synergy” and “Hydrological Science-Policy-Practice Programs (HSP3)”. 

  • Synergy refers to the combined effect produced when different stakeholders work together in harmony to achieve a result that is greater than the sum of their individual efforts.
  • Hydrological Science-Policy-Practice Programs (HSP3) are capacity-building initiatives that facilitate interaction and collaboration between the scientific community, policymakers, and practitioners (including local experts) to address water-related challenges.

Many UN-affiliated organizations run various scientific, policy and practice programs related to climate, hydrology, and water management (i.e. HSP3). Consequently, there is potential to synthesize these HSP3 efforts within the HELPING framework. However, local HSP3 programs also need to be identified, analysed, and aligned with HELPING Goals. To provide better direction and focus for our community initiative, we present a structured vision and mission statement.

Our vision

Supporting the implementation of HELPING goals through synergistic interactions and co-creation processes with both local and global, including UN, hydrological science-policy-practice programs.

Our mission

SUN WG works to cultivate synergies among hydrological science, policy, and practice through facilitation of co-creation, synthesis work, knowledge exchange and capacity-building programs. Aligned with the HELPING goals, our efforts aim to leverage successful initiatives within the United Nations (UN) and local hydrological science-policy-practice frameworks. 

View the proposal and sign up here and view the Presentation from the November 2023 webinar.

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