Deep Explanation & Evaluation for Practices in Hydrological Changes (DEEPHY)

Details of the Working Group

Deep Explanation & Evaluation for Practices in Hydrological Changes (DEEPHY): Lead by Suxia Liu. 

Currently, to explore spatial and temporal pattern of hydrological elements is not a difficult job as there are so many easy-use models and more and more open-source datasets ready to be downloaded. Very often a person without a very strong hydrological background can do hydrological simulation very well. However, most research so far pays more attention to providing what it looks like. Less is for why. For those for why, there have been lots of attribution studies, but more mathematical results, few for guiding the practice. Deep explanation and evaluation of hydrological Changes for local solutions is yet the weak links in hydrological study. By working hard to monitor hydrological system long-termly, fully making use of large-sample data from multiple sources, careful designing the evaluation tools, focusing more on the practical applications, it is hopeful to help us to understand more about the hydrological changes, people at different conditions worldwide can collaborate better.  

View the proposal and sign up here and view the Presentation from the November 2023 webinar.

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