Decomposing Complexity

Details of the Working Group

Development & application of river basin simulators: Lead by Ankit Agarwal. 

The climate is a complex dynamical system involving interactions and feedbacks among different processes at multiple temporal and spatial scales. Although numerous studies have attempted to understand the climate system, nonetheless, the studies investigating the multiscale characteristics of the climate are scarce. Further, the present set of techniques are limited in their ability to unravel the multi-scale variability of the climate system. It is completely plausible that extreme events and abrupt transitions, which are of great interest to climate community, are resultant of interactions among processes operating at multi-scale. For instance, storms, weather patterns, seasonal irregularities such as El Niño, floods and droughts, and decades-long climate variations can be better understood and even predicted by quantifying their multi-scale dynamics. Our working group “Decomposing Complexity” shall contribute to methodological advancement and process understanding by unravelling the interaction and patterns of climatic processes at different scales. 

View the proposal and sign up here and view the Presentation from the November 2023 webinar.

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