Hydrologic Design - Solutions & Communication

Details of the Working Group

Hydrologic Design - Solutions & Communication: Lead by Svenja Fischer 

Hydrologic design is one of the key tasks of hydrologists and most important for most stakeholders, authorities, and practitioners. Usually, the estimation of design characteristics like the design flood is based on statistical methods. This comes with a few drawbacks: limited data availability and thus high uncertainty and variability of the estimation, the lack of physical process-knowledge and the difficulty in communicating the methods and results in a way understandable and applicable by practitioners and community. This working group will develop novel methods to improve the estimation of uncertainty and variability in hydrological design and to be able to extrapolate the results to datascarce regions, ungauged catchments or beyond the observation range. The usage of available information from local sources will be improved, such that different sources of information are combined. This will allow for a simplified communication of hydrological design and the corresponding uncertainty to stakeholders, local people, and authorities, increase the dissemination of the methodology and hence strengthen the connection between science and practice.  

View the proposal and sign up here and view the Presentation from the November 2023 webinar.

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