Effective Aquifer Governance for Agriculture

Details of the Working Group

Effective Aquifer Governance for Agriculture: Lead by Maria Elena Orduna Alegria. 

 The suggested working group, "Effective Aquifer Governance for Agriculture," aims to contribute to the goals of the theme, which include understanding local hydrological processes, understanding differences and similarities between regions, and promoting recognition when implementing general policy at the local level. By focusing on these goals, the working group seeks to advance empirically informed theory on how local social and environmental processes determines the effectiveness, resilience, and adaptability of groundwater self-governance policies, particularly in the face of social or environmental disturbances. Through the examination of local design and stakeholder-driven groundwater governance policies of diverse regions, the working group will explore how these dynamic systems respond and adapt to exogenous shocks such as climate change and market fluctuations. Ultimately, the working group's efforts will contribute to the development of new knowledge by comparing diverse regions and self-governance policies that addresses how heterogeneities in aquifer properties faced by individual actors and policies collectively shape the system-level outcomes of integrated socio-environmental systems.  

View the proposal and sign up here and view the Presentation from the November 2023 webinar.

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