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Hydrological Research in China: Process Studies, Modelling Approaches and Applications

Author / Editor: Dawen Yang, Fuqiang Tian, Lihua Tang & Zhiyu Liu
Publication Number: 322
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-64-0
Year: 2008
Pages: 262

Price: £55.00

Climate in China varies from arid to semi-arid and semi-humid to humid, inducing a variety of hydrological phenomena. The Chinese population has tripled during the last 50 years, to reach 1.3 billion. Under the pressure of the increasing population, in northern China the scarcity of water resources is becoming a bottleneck for social and economic development, and has led to the widespread degradation of natural ecosystems and the environment, while in southern China flooding is a great threat and the potential risks are increasing steadily. Accurate predictions of droughts and floods are extremely important to these regions. China is changing from traditional water resources development to water resources management for sustainable development, and needs advanced hydrology for this. The contributions here were selected from an International PUB (Predictions in Ungauged Basins) meeting in China, and provide a cross-section of the innovative research there.

Contents for Hydrological Research in China: Process Studies, Modelling Approaches and Applications

Title Pages File
Hydrological Research in China : Process Studies, Modelling Approaches and Applications, Symposium held at Beijing, September 2006
Dawen Yang, Fuqiang Tian, Lihua Tang & Zhiyu Liu, Editors
Yang, D., Tian, F., Tang, L., Zhiyu, L.
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Table of Contents
Yang, D., Tian, F., Tang, L., Zhiyu, L.
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Evaporation paradox in the Yellow River Basin, China
Cong, Z., Yang, D., Sun, F., Ni, G.
3-8 PDF Icon
Evaluating the advection-aridity model of evaporation using data from field-sized surfaces of HEIFE
Han, S., Hu, H., Tian, F.
9-14 PDF Icon
An improved analytical approach to estimate in situ biodegradation rates
Liu, Y., Wu, X.
15-21 PDF Icon
Estimating unsaturated soil hydraulic parameters using a generalized Richards equation
Lu, H., Zhu, Y., Yu, Z.
22-27 PDF Icon
Computation of grid storage capacity from topographic index in hydrological modelling
Shi, P., Rui, X., Qu, S., Chen, X.
28-32 PDF Icon
A tracer experiment and numerical simulation of potential nitrogen pollution from agricultural fertilization
Tang, L., Zhang, S., Sun, X.
33-40 PDF Icon
Assessing the effects of different cropping patterns on drainage capability of the southern riverine basin
Wu, F., Hu, T.
41-47 PDF Icon
Possible impact of aerosols on orographic precipitation in eastern China
Yang, H., Yang, D., Li, P., Wang, Y.
48-53 PDF Icon
Estimating dry matter content for winter wheat using MODIS reflectance data
Yi, Y., Yang, D., Chen, D.
54-62 PDF Icon
A large-scale routing scheme for stream simulation and its application to river basins in China
Chen, F., Xie, Z.
65-72 PDF Icon
Investigation of organized hydrological heterogeneity from a spatial analysis perspective
Li, H., Sivapalan, M.
73-79 PDF Icon
Appropriate contributing area threshold of a digital river network extracted from DEM for hydrological simulation
Li, L., Wang, J., Hao, Z.
80-87 PDF Icon
A statistically-based runoff-yield model
Liang, Z., Wang, J., Lei, Y., Shi, Y.
88-94 PDF Icon
Uncertainty estimation for the Xin'anjiang model parameters
Liu, F., Rui, X., Xie, H., Feng, J., Yu, J.
95-101 PDF Icon
Generation of triangulated irregular networks for distributed hydrological modelling
Ni, G., Wang, L., Tian, F., Hu, H.
102-107 PDF Icon
Scale and resolution effects of topographic index by 2-D continuous wavelet transform
Wang, D., Cai, X.
108-114 PDF Icon
A long-term runoff forecast model based on association rules of data mining
Wang, F., Xu, S.
115-120 PDF Icon
A macro-scale hydrological model based on a spatial averaging approach: model structure and an application 
Yang, Z., Hu, H., Tian, F.
121-128 PDF Icon
Assessment of hydrological model structure based on parameter identifiability
Zhao, H., Yang, X., Jiang, Y.
129-136 PDF Icon
Uncertainty of the box-counting method for estimating the fractal dimension of river networks 
Zhou, M., Tian, F., Hu, H.
137-144 PDF Icon
A variable fuzzy-sets assessment model and its application to regional water resources assessment
Chen, S., Chai, C., Li, M.
147-152 PDF Icon
Implementation of subgrid-scale spatial variability of parameters in a regional climate-hydrology coupled model
Chen, X., Yu, Z., Huang, Y., Cui, G., Ren, L., Chen, X.
153-160 PDF Icon
Impacts of climate change on hydrological processes and water resources in the headwater area of the Yellow River
Gao, H., Jia, Y., Niu, C., Qiu, Y., Wang, H.
161-170 PDF Icon
Ecological water resources requirement of the Ningxia natural oasis using the groundwater level variation amplitude method
Huang, X., Zhang, X., Zhai, C.
171-177 PDF Icon
Mapping the average annual runoff depth in Huangshui watershed using DEM
Jia, S., Lin, S., Wang, Y.
178-185 PDF Icon
2-D hybrid approach to storm flood modelling in the Shalan catchment
Li, C., Lu, J., Ye, B.
186-192 PDF Icon
The uncertainty analysis of the wetted perimeter method via axis scaling for setting minimum ecological in-stream flow requirements
Liu, S., Mo, X., Xia, J., Liu, C., Ji, L.
193-198 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial variations of d18O along the main stem of the Yangtze River, China
Lu, B., Sun, T., Wang, C., Dai, S., Kuang, J., Wang, J.
199-204 PDF Icon
Genetic algorithm based combined evaluation model for regional water security evaluation: a case study
Tong, F., Dong, Z.
205-212 PDF Icon
Comparing univariate ARMA and ARFIMA model for forecasting daily streamflows
Wang, W., Chen, X., Ma, J., Huo, S.
213-219 PDF Icon
Effects of land use changes on hydrological responses of the Mekong River 
Xie, S., Ao, T., Wu, L., Feng, W.
220-227 PDF Icon
Analysis of water resources variability in the Yellow River of China using a distributed hydrological model
Yang, D., Shao, W.
228-233 PDF Icon
Application of the grey self-memory neural network model for annual runoff forecasting
Zhang, X., Huang, L., Shen, B.
234-238 PDF Icon
Study on countermeasures for water resources shortage and changes of ecological environment in Shiyang River basin 
Zhang, Y., Jiang, J., Shen, B., Shen, Q.
239-245 PDF Icon
Determination of root-zone water storage in a desert woodland using a two-layer moisture balance model
Zhu, Y., Ren, L., Lu, H., Skaggs, T. H.
246-251 PDF Icon
Impact of climate change on the streamflow in the headwater catchment of the Yellow River basin
Zhao, F., Xu, Z., Huang, J.
252-260 PDF Icon
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