Urban Water - Urbanization phenomenon & adequate water management

Details of the Working Group

Development & application of river basin simulators: Lead by Bertil Nlend. 

Today, urbanization phenomenon through population growth and land uses dynamics are affecting freshwater resources. Some authors even reveal that the effects of demographic boom and uncontrolled urbanization can be more dangerous than climate changes without a holistic understanding of the phenomenon. Under the HELPING umbrella, this working group (WG) on urban areas all over the world, on the potential and the challenges of freshwater in these zones to contribute for a better management of the resource and to avoid or reduce water crises. The WG will be organized in five themes: 1) water quality and protection of hydro systems 2) status of contaminants of emerging concerns 3) preparing urban systems for extremes 4) trends in global south (comparative and synthesis studies) 5) enhancement of citizen science.

View the proposal and sign up here and view the Presentation from the November 2023 webinar.

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