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New Approaches to Hydrological Prediction in Data-sparse Regions

Author / Editor: K. K. Yilmaz, I. Yucel, H. V. Gupta, T. Wagener, D. Yang, H. Savenije, .C. Neale, H. Kunstman & J. Pomeroy
Publication Number: 333
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-04-9
Year: 2009
Pages: 344

Price: £66.00

When data are scarce, hydrological predictions become unreliable mainly due both to the inability to specify model components and parameter values that consistently represent the dominant hydrological processes in a particular watershed, and due to the lack of high quality model forcing. This is a problem in developed and developing countries, and the focus of much research effort worldwide.
This proceedings volume, from a symposium of the same name held in Hyderabad, India, September 2009, contains 40 papers from over 20 countries. They reflect differing aspects of, and approaches to, the problem and are grouped accordingly:
- Hydrological modelling in Poorly gauged and Ungauged basins
- Hydrometeorology and Climate Change Assessment
- Remote Sensing Applications in Hydrology 
- Characterizing Rainfall Variability and its Impacts on Hydrological Modelling

Contents for New Approaches to Hydrological Prediction in Data-sparse Regions

Title Pages File
News approaches to hydrological prediction in data sparse regions, Symposium held at Hyderabad, India, September 2009
Koray Yilmaz, Ismail Yucel, Hoshin V. Gupta, Thorsten Wagener, Dawen Yang, Hubert Savenije
Preface of Volume 333
Koray K. Yilmaz, Ismail Yucel, Hoshin V. Gupta, Thorsten Wagener, Dawen Yang, Hubert Saven
v-vi PDF Icon
Assessing parameters of physically-based models for poorly gauged basins
Lev Kuchment , Alexander Gelfan
3-10 PDF Icon
A universal approach to runoff processes modelling: coping with hydrological predictions in data-scarce regions
O. M. Semenova , T. A. Vinogradova
11-19 PDF Icon
Regularized calibration of a distributed hydrological model using available information about watershed properties and signature measures
Prafulla Pokhrel , Hoshin V. Gupta
20-25 PDF Icon
Landscape dependent derivation of J2000 model parameters for hydrological modelling in ungauged basins
Markus Wolf, Bjorn Pfennig, Peter Krause , Wolfgang-Albert Flugel
26-36 PDF Icon
Development of an extended spatially distributed routing scheme and its impact on process oriented hydrological modelling results
Bjorn Pfennig, Holm Kipka, Markus Wolf, Manfred Fink, Peter Krause , Wolfgang-Albert Fluge
37-43 PDF Icon
Development of a hydrological response index to represent TOPMODEL parameters
Zhang Youjing, Chen Bo , He Chuan
44-51 PDF Icon
Calibration of a semi-distributed hydrological model using discharge and remote sensing data
Lal P. Muthuwatta, Martijn J. Booij, Tom H. M. Rientjes, M. G. Bos, A. S. M. Gieske , Mobi
52-58 PDF Icon
Modelling the long-term impact of climate change on rainfall-runoff processes over a large Sudano-Sahelian catchment
Denis Ruelland, Vincent Guinot, Florent Levavasseur , Bernard Cappelaere
59-68 PDF Icon
A probability distribution function approach to modelling rainfall-runoff response for data-sparse catchments
Binquan Li , Zhongmin Liang
69-75 PDF Icon
Hydrograph transposition between basins through a geomorphology-based deconvolution-reconvolution approach
Houda Boudhraa, Christophe Cudennec, Mohamed Slimani , Herve Andrieu
76-83 PDF Icon
Towards the development of a consistent uncertainty framework for hydrological predictions in South Africa
Evison Kapangaziwiri, Denis Hughes , Thorsten Wagener
84-93 PDF Icon
Can discharge assimilation methods be used to improve flood forecasting when few data are available?
Lionel Berthet, Maria-Helena Ramos, Charles Perrin, Vazken Andreassian , Cecile Loumagne
94-100 PDF Icon
Modelling hydrological time series data using wavelet neural network analysis
Y. R. Satyaji Rao , B. Krishna
101-111 PDF Icon
An evaluation of multi-basin hydrological modelling for predictions in ungauged basins
Chantal Donnelly, Joel Dahne, Goran Lindstrom, Jorgen Rosberg, Johan Stromqvist, Charlotta
112-120 PDF Icon
Using recently developed global data sets for hydrological predictions
Johan Stromqvist, Joel Dahne, Chantal Donnelly, Goran Lindstrom, Jorgen Rosberg, Charlotta
121-127 PDF Icon
Hydrological modelling and climate-man-environment interrelationships in the Burkinabe Sahel
Jean-Emmanuel Paturel, Pierre Diello, Gil Mahe, Alain Dezetter, Hamma Yacouba, Bruno Barbi
128-135 PDF Icon
Kriging method for estimation of groundwater resources in a basin with scarce monitoring data
Chengpeng Lu, Longcang Shu, Xunhong Chen, Yuezan Tao , Ying Zhang
136-144 PDF Icon
An experimental and modelling investigation of macropore dominated subsurface stormflow in vegetated hillslopes of northeast India
Rupak Sarkar , Subashisa Dutta
145-152 PDF Icon
Coupled regional modelling of atmospheric-hydrologic processes for reconstruction of hydro-climate data and climate change assessment
M. L. Kavvas, Z. Q.Chen, N. Ohara, M. L. Anderson, A. J. Shaaban , M. Z. M. Amin
155-164 PDF Icon
Hydro-meteorological predictions from GCM simulations: downscaling techniques and uncertainty modelling
Pradeep Mujumdar, Subimal Ghosh , Deepashree Raje
165-175 PDF Icon
Coupling VIC with GCM models to predict climate change impact in the Hanjiang basin, China
Shenglian Guo, Jing Guo, Jun Zhang , Hua Chen
176-182 PDF Icon
Runoff modelling within the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM): analysis over the Quebec/Labrador watersheds
Biljana Music, Anne Frigon, Michel Slivitzky, Andre Musy, Daniel Caya , Rene Roy
183-194 PDF Icon
Development of a coupled land-surface and hydrology model system for mesoscale hydrometeorological simulations
Fei Yuan, Harald Kunstmann, Chuanguo Yang, Zhongbo Yu, Liliang Ren, Benjamin Fersch , Zhen
195-202 PDF Icon
A study coupling a large-scale hydrological model with a regional climate model
Bin Yong, Liliang Ren, Lihua Xiong, Xiaoli Yang, Wanchang Zhang, Xi Chen , Shanhu Jiang
203-210 PDF Icon
Large-scale water balance estimations through regional atmospheric moisture flux modelling and comparison to GRACE signals
Benjamin Fersch, Harald Kunstmann, Nico Sneeuw , Balaji Devaraju
211-219 PDF Icon
Assessment of flood events in the data-sparse Brahmaputra Basin in northeast India
U. C. Sharma , Vikas Sharma
220-226 PDF Icon
Evaluation of a satellite-based near real-time global flood prediction system
Koray K. Yilmaz, Robert F. Adler, Yang Hong , Harold F. Pierce
229-237 PDF Icon
Estimating precipitation for poorly-gauged areas in western China
Junliang Jin, Guihua Lu , Zhiyong Wu
238-244 PDF Icon
TRMM rainfall data estimation over the Peruvian Amazon-Andes basin and its assimilation into a monthly water balance model
Waldo Sven Lavado Casimiro, David Labat, Jean Loup Guyot, Josyane Ronchail , Juan Julio Or
245-252 PDF Icon
Prospect for TRMM in rainfall estimates: a case study in the Laohahe basin, China
Hong Wang, Liliang Ren , Xiaoli Yang
253-258 PDF Icon
Evaluation of the Hydro-Estimator satellite rainfall algorithm and its utility in hydrological prediction in a mountainous region
Ismail Yucel, Robert J. Kuligowski , David Gochis
259-266 PDF Icon
Spatially distributed evapotranspiration estimation using remote sensing and ground-based radiometers over cotton at Maricopa, Arizona, USA
Andrew N. French, Douglas Hunsaker, Kelly Thorp , Thomas Clarke
267-272 PDF Icon
Applicable algorithm to map daily evapotranspiration using MODIS images for the Laohahe River basin, northeastern China
Xiuqin Fang, Liliang Ren, Qiongfang Li, Qiuan Zhu, Xiaofan Liu , Yonghua Zhu
273-278 PDF Icon
Inverting the hydrological cycle: when streamflow measurements help assess altitudinal precipitation gradients in mountain areas
Audrey Valery, Vazken Andreassian , Charles Perrin
281-286 PDF Icon
Rainfall variability and uncertainty in water resource assessments in South Africa
Tendai Sawunyama , Denis Hughes
287-294 PDF Icon
Robust and flexible hydroinformatics to account for rainfall space-time variability in a data-sparse region
Sameh Chargui, Christophe Cudennec, Mohamed Slimani, Jean-Christophe Pouget , Jalel Aouiss
295-301 PDF Icon
Drought forecast using an artificial neural network for three hydrological zones in San Francisco River basin, Brazil
Celso Augusto G. Santos, Bruno S. Morais , Gustavo B. L. Silva
302-312 PDF Icon
Regional frequency analysis of annual precipitation in data-sparse regions using large-scale atmospheric variables
P. Satyanarayana , V. V. Srinivas
313-319 PDF Icon
Impacts of rainfall uncertainty on water resource planning models in the Upper Limpopo basin, Botswana
P. K. Kenabatho, N. R. McIntyre , H. S. Wheater
320-329 PDF Icon
A high-resolution hierarchical space-time framework for single storm events and its application for short-term rainfall forecasting
Juan Qin, Michael Leonard, George Kuczera, Mark Thyer, Andrew Metcalfe , Martin Lambert
330-340 PDF Icon
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