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Models - Repositories of Knowledge

Author / Editor: Sascha E. Oswald, Olaf Kolditz & Sabine Attinger
Publication Number: 355
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-34-6
Year: 2012
Pages: 374

Price: £77.00

Questions of global and climate change, use of energy resources and waste deposition, mean that work with groundwater now needs to include the interfaces to the atmosphere, surface waters and deeper formations that are potentially used for geothermal energy and CO2 storage, and ModelCARE2011 reflected that. More than ever, models are means to integrate information from different and manifold sources, allowing a better conceptual view of systems as a whole and improving understanding of them, i.e. models are repositories of knowledge. This volume considers: Parameter estimation, Uncertainty, Numerical and computational methods, Reactive transport and bioremediation, Stochastic and multi-scale models, Couple processes in the subsurface, and Groundwater flow and climate.

Contents for Models - Repositories of Knowledge

Title Pages File
Preface by S.E.Oswald et al.
Oswald, S.E. et al.
v-vi PDF Icon
Simultaneous estimation of groundwater recharge rates, associated zone structures, and hydraulic conductivity values using fuzzy c-means clustering and harmony search optimisation algorithm: a case study of the Tahtali watershed
M. Tamer Ayvaz & Alper Elçi
3-11 PDF Icon
Numerical simulation of bench-scale tank experiments to quantify transverse dispersion
E. Ballarini, S. Bauer, C. Eberhardt & C. Beyer
12-17 PDF Icon
A two-stage strategy for efficient and effective calibration of distributed hydrological models
C. Fischer, S. Kralisch, P. Krause & W.-A. Flügel
18-26 PDF Icon
Investigation of the behaviour of two karst spring discharge reservoir models with respect to the initialization bias
N. Mazzilli & V. Guinot & H. Jourde
27-33 PDF Icon
Optimization of pilot points location for geostatistical inversion of groundwater flow
Marco Panzeri, Alberto Guadagnini & Monica Riva
34-40 PDF Icon
The usefulness of CPTs for deterministic, spatially heterogeneous, large-scale aquitard parameterisation
B. Rogiers, D. Mallants, O. Batelaan, M. Gedeon, M. Huysmans & A. Dassargues
41-47 PDF Icon
Quantitative evaluation of macroscopic longitudinal dispersivity for one-dimensional flow
M. Saito, Y. Nishimura, D. Hoshino & K. Nakagawa
48-53 PDF Icon
Calibrating a large-scale groundwater model using spaceborne remote sensing products: a test-case for the Rhine-Meuse basin
Edwin H. Sutanudjaja, Ludovicus P.H. Van Beek, Steven M. De Jong, Frans C. Van Geer & Marc
54-61 PDF Icon
Numerical assessment of the direct-push permeameter for investigation of small-scale variations in hydraulic conductivity
Ludwig Zschornack, Geoffrey C. Bohling, James J. Butler, Jr & Peter Dietrich
62-68 PDF Icon
A global uncertainty and sensitivity procedure for the assessment of groundwater recharge distribution via hydrological models
G. Baroni, S. E. Oswald & C. A. Rivera Villarreyes
71-77 PDF Icon
Reducing hydrograph uncertainty through subsurface characterization
Steven B. Meyerhoff & Reed M. Maxwell
78-84 PDF Icon
Consideration of parameters and boundary conditions uncertainties in water balance and solute transport simulation
Amir Hassan Zadeh, Rene Blankenburg & Peter-Wolfgang Graeber
85-92 PDF Icon
On the use of random conductivity fields to promote unstable flow of dense plumes
Clemens Cremer & Thomas Graf
95-99 PDF Icon
Improvement of performance and applicability of MODFLOW-2005: new NWT solver and χMD matrix solver package
Motomu Ibaraki, Sorab Panday, Richard G. Niswonger & Christian D. Langevin
100-105 PDF Icon
A GIS-linked unit response function approach to stochastic groundwater nonpoint source pollution modelling
George Kourakos & Frank Klein & Thomas Harter
106-112 PDF Icon
Visual preparation of hydrological models
Karsten Rink, Thomas Fischer, Agnes Gräbe & Olaf Kolditz
113-118 PDF Icon
A 3D interpolation algorithm for layered tilted geological formations using an adapted inverse distance weighting approach
M. Walther, N. Böttcher & R. Liedl
119-126 PDF Icon
Mixed 2D/3D visualization of a large scale groundwater study in a virtual reality centre
B. Zehner, L. Bilke, T. Kalbacher, E. Kalbus, K. Rink, R. Rausch & O. Kolditz
127-132 PDF Icon
Optimizing a long-term groundwater monitoring network using geostatistical methods
Jay Krishna Thakur, Wolfgang Gossel, Holger Weiß & Peter Wycisk
133-138 PDF Icon
Using streamlines for highly-resolved, reactive transport for CO2 leakage contamination in groundwater
Adam L. Atchley, Reed M. Maxwell, Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, Erica R. Siirila & John E McCra
141-148 PDF Icon
Fate and transport modelling for monitored natural attenuation projects: what should be considered to maximise the value in decision making?
P. H. Beck & B. Mann
149-156 PDF Icon
Interpretation of hydrocarbon plume biodegradation in 2D bench-scale tank experiments by reactive transport modelling
Christof Beyer, Elisabetta Ballarini, Robert D. Bauer, Christian Griebler & Sebastian Baue
157-162 PDF Icon
Compound-specific local and effective transverse dispersion coefficients for conservative and reactive mixing in heterogeneous porous media
Gabriele Chiogna, Olaf A. Cirpka, Peter Grathwohl & Massimo Rolle
163-168 PDF Icon
Reactive transport simulation of volatile organic compound removal in vertical flow soil filters
Cecilia De Biase, Uli Maier, Sascha Oswald & Martin Thullner
169-174 PDF Icon
The relation between pore-scale heterogeneity, bioavailability and bacterial mobility: a numerical modelling approach
M. Gharasoo, F. Centler, I. Fetzer & M. Thullner
175-180 PDF Icon
Modelling reactive transport of chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwater under spatially varying redox conditions
T. Greis, K. Helmholz, M. H. Schöniger & A. Haarstrick
181-189 PDF Icon
Reactive transport modelling of weathering processes in intensely stratified mine tailings
J. A. Meima, D. Rammlmair & M. Redwan
190-194 PDF Icon
Importance of thermal dispersion in temperature plumes
Nelson Molina-Giraldo, Philipp Blum & Peter Bayer
195-200 PDF Icon
A flexible approach for coupled reactive transport modelling in post-mining areas
Mike Müller & Heike Büttcher
201-206 PDF Icon
Evaluating effective reaction rates of kinetically driven solutes in large-scale, anisotropic media: human health risk implications
Erica R. Siirila & Reed M. Maxwell
207-214 PDF Icon
Mixing processes in highly heterogeneous formations
Francesca Boso & Alberto Bellin
217-222 PDF Icon
A multidisciplinary study of sediments’ connectivity and transport parameters for aquifer analogues
Mauro Giudici, Riccardo Bersezio, Fabrizio Felletti, Fulvia Baratelli, Laura Cattaneo, Emm
223-228 PDF Icon
Analysis of time-drawdown data from heterogeneous leaky aquifer systems
Cagri Gokdemir, Nadim K. Copty, Matthew Waterman & Angelos N. Findikakis
229-236 PDF Icon
Generating land-use information to derive diffuse water and nitrate transfer at aquifer scale
Gernot Klammler, Gerhard Rock, Hans Kupfersberger & Johann Fank
237-242 PDF Icon
Investigation of large-scale pressure propagation and monitoring for CO2 injection using a real site model
Katharina Benisch & Sebastian Bauer
245-251 PDF Icon
Comparison of equations of state for carbon dioxide for numerical simulations
Norbert Böttcher, Joshua Taron, Olaf Kolditz, Rudolf Liedl & Chan-Hee Park
252-260 PDF Icon
The coupled multiphase flow and reactive transport simulator OGS-Eclipse for CO2 storage simulations
Bastian J. Graupner, Dedong Li, Katharina Benisch, Addisalem Bitew Mitiku, Christof Beyer
261-266 PDF Icon
Harnessing the complex behaviour of ultra-dense and viscous treatment fluids as a strategy for aquifer remediation
Utku Solpuker, Jared Hawkins, Robert Schincariol, Motomu Ibaraki & Franklin W. Schwartz
267-272 PDF Icon
Simulation of flow in fractured rocks using effective stress-dependent parameters and aquifer consolidation
Giona Preisig, Fabien J. Cornaton & Pierre Perrochet
273-279 PDF Icon
Modes of free convective flow in fractured-porous rock
Katharina Vujevic & Thomas Graf
280-285 PDF Icon
Determination of thermodynamics in a CO2 injection well using pressure and distributed temperature sensing
B. Wiese, M. Nimtz, F. Möller, C. Otto, M. Kühn, A. Liebscher & C. Schmidt-Hattenberger
286-290 PDF Icon
Coastal aquifer management under drought conditions considering aquifer spatial variability
V. Christelis, G. Kopsiaftis & A. Mantoglou
293-297 PDF Icon
Impact of long-term changes in climate on groundwater resources in an arid setting
Irina Engelhardt & Kerstin Prömmel
298-305 PDF Icon
Simulation and prognosis of the impacts of climate changes on groundwater recharge under local conditions
Issa Hasan, Jana Sallwey, Ulrike Haferkorn & Peter-Wolfgang Graeber
306-312 PDF Icon
Climate and land-use change impacts on groundwater recharge
Bertrand Leterme & Dirk Mallants
313-319 PDF Icon
What are the key parameters for soil hydrological models in climate impact studies under different settings?
J. Palm, H. Stöfen, W. H. M. Duijnisveld & W. Schneider
320-326 PDF Icon
Wind energy forecast ensembles using a fully-coupled groundwater to atmosphere model
John L. Williams, III & Reed M. Maxwell
327-332 PDF Icon
Flow in the unsaturated zone to quantify Acid Mine Drainage: numerical and analytical approaches
Martí Bayer-Raich & Salvador Jordana
333-337 PDF Icon
Development of the hourly hydrological model for mountainous basins using the storage function method and the Diskin-Nazimov infiltration model
Kazumasa Fujimura, Kiyohara Shiraha, Shinjiro Kanae & Masahiro Murakami
338-344 PDF Icon
Development of a regional groundwater flow model along the western Dead Sea Escarpment
Agnes Gräbe, Tino Rödiger, Karsten Rink, Thomas Fischer & Olaf Kolditz
345-350 PDF Icon
Propagating subsurface uncertainty to the atmosphere using fully-coupled, stochastic simulations
John L. Williams, III & Reed M. Maxwell
351-356 PDF Icon
Multiobjective calibration of coupled soil–vegetation–atmosphere models
Thomas Wöhling, Sebastian Gayler, Joachim Ingwersen, Thilo Streck, Jasper A. Vrugt & Eckar
357-364 PDF Icon
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